Workspace: Craft Closet

This month's creative space comes courtesy of Becky from The Craft Closet, which we featured in one of our who's who's last year.

Where is your space?
In our little rented flat I have taken over a corner of the lounge with my big desk and some shelving.  Because I can't close the door on my creative space, I need to keep it reasonably tidy.

What do you do in it?
Because The Craft Closet is an online business mostly, I spend lots of hours at my computer, so I have a gorgeous, puffy Donna Wilson cushion to keep me comfy on my chair!  When it comes to designing new kits I have a nice selection of trusted books and pretty magazines for inspiration.  The desk is also pretty big so I have room to make up all our craft kits before a Market or Craft Fair.

Why do you like it?
Because it’s quite a small space, everything is accessible and I can easily surround myself with bits and pieces I love.

What would make it better?
It would be nice if I had some better storage, my stash of wool is currently stuffed in a bag under the desk along with my boxed up sewing machine.  I'd also like to have a little more room for all the supplies for The Craft Closet kits, which we make at home ready for Markets, Etsy & Craft Shows.
I dream of having my own Creative Room full of crafty goodies, one day . . . .

Thanks go to Becky for sharing her space and her book collection with us.

Live it.  Love it.  Make it
H & Sammy