Review: The Make Escape


A few weeks ago I managed to drag myself over to good old Hackney to finally make it to The Make Escape at Hackney Picturehouse! It's been a long time coming and have been meaning to go for ages but not living in London anymore just means going to things is that little bit more effort! I had some time off so spent a few days in London staying with a friend and managed to convince her to come with me too!

The session was to Drop-in and Draw but there was a plenty of things on offer: Knitting, crochet, comic strip storyboarding, still life drawing and collage!

After getting to the top floor - or the attic as its known - we bought a drink and headed for a look around at all the different things on offer!  We decided upon the collage as who doesn't love a bit of cutting and glueing! I watch the kids when I am at work do it all the time but I don't get a look in - so this was my time! 

We sat on a large bank of tables and everyone around us got stuck in.  There were plenty of bits and bobs to use but I must admit to my inspiration being a bit thin on the ground - even though this was the day of me going around the V&A, I think I must have looked at too much!

This was my effort - You can tell I work with children most of the time

My friend Vic's collage - You can see who is the Illustrator!

We had a great time and it was nice to sit down and do something creative of an evening that wasn't a particular workshop.  You could spend time doing whatever you wanted and all for free!  Just keep buying the drinks to keep you going for the night.  You can see more about the night on their blog here.

They usually have guests that help with the workshops throughout the night and the lovely Becky from The Craft Closet was helping with the knitting and so it was a good chance to catch up in person for a change!

The next event is their Easter Extravaganza on Tuesday March 26th at the Hackney Attic. Drop in any time from 7.30pm to 11pm.

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