Favourite Friday: My Birthdays... In Cake!

Its my Birthday on Sunday so I thought I would have a reminisce  through some of my past birthdays,  In true Live it. Love it. Make it  style, through the medium of CAKE!
My Mum is so cute, she always used to ask me what I wanted on my birthday cake and I would always throw her a curve ball, but I remember so many years helping her to mix batter and colour icing to bring my imagination to life.

Aged 3 I had a 'Little Miss Sunshine' cake, Look at my Mum isn't she gorgeous! Her Birthday is the day after mine. That's My Grandpa ( My Mum's Dad) in the back ground, He is a legend! He turns 92 the day before my birthday.

Aged 4 My 'Super Ted' cake had Mum and I walking round for a week after we made it with bright red hands!

The following 2 years saw Care Bears take centre stage, this Pink Care Bear cake was for my 5th which I shared with three of my friends who all had birthdays within a month of each other as our Mums were friends though N.C.T, there was a main cake then we all had our own heart shaped balloon cake.

If you were a kid in the late 80's early 90's a MacDonald's Birthday party was were it was at! {no I am not kidding} that was my 7th, a cake with my Sylvanian families toys having a camp-fire on top.

My 8th Birthday was Alice in Wonderland themed, so of corse was my cake, a mold your own chess set with Alice themed pieces were cast and painted by me and set up for a tea party on the cake. As you can see I am also wearing the Alice costume my Mum made for me, which I wore to death, long after the party.

My 13th Birthday was a fabulous USA themed event, at our local village hall, everyone came in American themed outfits, I remember  my friends dressing up as Minnie Mouse, Madonna, Sandy from Grease, and I obviously was dressed as the American flag, with a red and white stripy skirt, and blue t-shirt covered in stars. It only seamed right that the cake was also a homage to the flag, but with only 13 candles, specially for me.

Do you have any cakes that you remember from your birthday parties when you were little? was your mum a baker, or did you get shop bought cakes? Did you have parties? I know I was very lucky to have a party every year, even if it was a sleepover or roller disco party, I was always aloud to do something to mark the day.

Tomorrow night I'm having my girls over for a 'Wizard Of Oz' themed girls night in, my friend Kelly is making me a cake as my gift, I cant wait to see it! 

Have a lovely weekend
Sammy xxx