Link for the week: Lists, Lists and more lists

This week's link is something very close to my heart!  Lists.

Now, I love a list and have many!  Lots for work, for the blog, for myself, shopping lists, of books and films, to remind me to buy things and book things, they go on!

Friends have recently been telling me of  lists for things they want to do before they are the next birthday, usually 30 things to do before you are 30 I think.  But some of my friends have passed that and are now on 31 before 31 and 32 before 32 etc.  This is one list I have never done.  I think it might just show how much I want to do and not get around to any of them.  It's like the pressure of New Years resolutions but the older you get the more adds/stays on your list.

Anyway, I was looking on the old internet and came across this article on the BBC News website:

It's about the art of list-making from an exhibition in Washington, USA in 2010 and has some really interesting things about people who make lists and their personalities.  I just thought you might be interested.

What's your list of choice?  I love making lists of things I need to do, but I always add a few simple ones or things I have already done, so that it makes me feel I am achieving something.

Live it