Make it: Folded Ribbon Rose

Last week was the first of our Craft Club evenings at Norden Farm.  Fabric hearts, flowers and bows were on the agenda for the evening and we had so much fun! We had a great bunch of Ladies, thanks to all who came along.

We really enjoyed the evening and we are looking forward to seeing some of you again for our next club at the end of this month. If you have any feedback for us feel free to email we would love to hear what you thought of it, and maybe what we could do to improve it next time.
We were having such a great time that we didn't get round to the last of our activities which was a folded ribbon rose, so as I promised some of our attendees, I am going to take you through it now.
I have been making ribbon roses for a long time, I made 150 of this type of folded rose for my wedding a few years ago, they were in my bouquet and on my cake as well as dotted around the venue. So I have had a lot of practice. My best tip before we start is that, a bit like pancakes, your first one probably wont be pretty, but persevere because once you have the knack you will be making them with your eyes closed.

Take a length of ribbon, 1/2 a metre or more in length. Start by folding the ribbon towards you at a right angle.
Roll the ribbon to form the centre of your rose, make sure you have folded enough ribbon down  to hold on to as you roll.

 When you have rolled to edge of your fold, take a needle and thread and stitch through the base of your roll. Leave the thread dangling for now so you can stitch the next section.

(You may want to practice a few times without stitching to get the fold and roll technique right, so you won’t have to unpick your stitches)
 To make your first petal make another fold, away from you this time, and continue to roll the fold around the centre bud (this technique may take some practice to get it right)

 When you have rolled the petal all they way around make another fold away from you and continue to roll it around the centre bud.
Always make sure you are folding away from you to get the petals to sit properly.
(you can see here I usually make the next fold before the end of the previous one, to get a nicer shape)

 Every two folds, pop a stitch in to hold it in place.
(remember you are always rolling around the centre at the base)

Once your rose is as big as you want it to be, fold the end under and secure it with a stitch. 
Then you can trim the ‘stem’ and attach a brooch back or hair clip.
Here's one I made earlier.

Like I said don't be discouraged if it doesn't look right first time, the rolling and folding technique is tricky, but you will get it. 
I do hope that my tutorial helps you to make some lovely folded ribbon roses.

Sammy xxx

Quick question... how do you like the hand drawn tutorial??? This is how we do our worksheets for our workshops and instructions for our kits, do you think it works for our blog too?
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