A Day wondering in London

Last week I had a few days off from work after the madness of Half Term at work and so I went up to London and spent a few days with my friend Vic - well overdue I think.

On the Tuesday I had long old day wandering around, which is one of the big things I miss about being in London.  I only seem to go in to be rushing to do something these days and so this was a refreshing change!

In the morning we walked along the Thames from London Bridge up to Tate Modern and took a wander around, without taking in the Lichtenstein exhibition unfortunately as it was just far too busy, so that's something to do another day.  I used to do this walk quite alot a few years back when I was doing my Masters as one day a week I would be at the Design Museum and so a walk along the river from Waterloo would set me up for the day.

Then Vic went off to work and I took myself off to South Kensington to potter around my favourite place to while away a few hours - The V&A Museum.  A friend had told me about the new digital labels in the Furniture gallery and so I checked them out.  Swipe screens and interactive material displays were in abundance, which made learning much more about the furniture so much easier and meant that there were not labels everywhere!  Definitely the way forward for larger museums with permanent collections, but I don't think my museum will be doing it anytime soon.

Off to the ceramic gallery after that and a look around the years in plates and bowls.  They had many different display ideas, with big racks of similar coloured or style items to clustered display cases of what trends there were in different decades.  I found a collection of Blue ceramics which of course was my favourite, being that I love the colour!

The corridors then led me to the Jewellery gallery, which of course is very sparkly and no photos can be taken of course.  I need to remember to take my sketchbook for this room to get a bit of inspiration, so that can be the next visit.  There are 2 floors of Jewellery through the ages and its amazing that pieces from the 19th century can look so modern and relevant today.  It may be because we seem to be looking to the past at the moment with Vintage being so prevelant, but also I think it's because people want to feel that their jewellery is much more luxurious than practical.

I then walked around the other galleries winding myself around the museum.  I happened upon looking over a balcony to look at a gallery that was being installed below.  Lots of museum staff unwrapping pieces and installing stone pieces, which looked very heavy!  I watched them for a while, they must have been wondering why, but it was fascinating watching them.

It was then to the design gallery where I got to see some pieces from 1945 onwards, the gallery was set in a mock-up library which is always going to be a favourite of mine - I love books!

Then I thought it was time for a cup of tea!  So off to the cafe I went for a pot of tea and I opted for a slice of Lemon Drizzle cake to boost my energy!  After all that walking around I was starting to wilt!

I decided then that a bit of fresh air was in order as it was a cold but bright day it would be a shame to not enjoy it.  So I thought it would be a nice idea to take a wander down Oxford Street as I do like a bit of window shopping - especially as it was still the afternoon!  I walked down from Oxford Circus to Bond Street, making sure I checked out Selfridge's windows along the way - always a plus point!

Then it was off to meet Vic after work - where I managed to snap this cool lamp - before heading for a well needed Burger and then heading to The Make Escape for their drop in a draw night over in Hackney, but more about that another time.

I love wandering around London, its lovely to be able to take notice of what's going on around you and there is always so much to see and do.  It does help that I used to live there I guess as I feel alot more comfortable getting myself lost in it.  I can imagine for some its very scary, but for me I love to see where I can get to and how easy it is to get around by walking.  I used to love taking the bus to the otherside of the city on my days off too as you get to see so much more than if you are on the tube.

Tell me about where you like to go and if there are any places I should explore anywhere in the country or beyond?

Love it