Love it: Vintage Vehicals

It's no secret that I love a Vintage car.  Maybe it comes from a childhood with cars all around me, from my dad and brother making go-karts and fixing motorbikes to Sunday's watching Formula One.  It probably all started even before I was born as my Mum and Dad met at Foden, who made Trucks up in Cheshire - they would be classed as Vintage now as they are so old and no longer made.

I love hearing about my parents first cars that they drove and what my mum's dad used to drive on their farm growing up.  There is just something about our family that is steeped in automobile's. Then of course my Dad worked in Formula One and so I think that was always going to have influence on my life too.

One of my first Event's jobs also included working on a Transport Festival over in Basingstoke- which meant I had a lot of cars, trucks and motorbikes to look at over a usually sunny day in mid May (Sunday 12th May this year).  It was co-run with the Thorneycroft Society who was made up of some of the ex-workers from the Thorneycroft company that used to be based in Basingstoke.  It was one of my favourite events to work on as the guys were amazing to work with and they definitely knew their stuff.

Since then I have had my eye on buying a Vintage number, but I think I need to grasp some more knowledge of how to fix cars alongside a plentiful supply of money!  I love Vintage cars but they can be expensive.  So for the meantime, I will stick to checking them out at car shows and in films where I can appreciate them from afar!

One of the dream's would be to drive off down route 66 in a Vintage Cadillac, cruising down the highway so to speak and due to my 'burn like a peach' nature with a big hat on of course!

What's the dream for you guys out there, it doesn't have to involve cars like mine but its nice to have that idea in your head right?

Love it