We Won! Dorset Cereals Little Blog Awards

More exciting news down at 'Live it. Love it. Make it' HQ, we won January's Little blog awards from Dorset Cereals! They have a monthly draw of votes for each of the blogs on their website and we managed to win January's, which gets us off to a great start to 2013!  We put ourselves down as a bit of fun really, just to see whether we could win the coveted egg cup and egg cosy!  I mean who wouldn't, look at it!

Not only that, but we won a case-full of Dorset Cereal goodies!  I think we will try a few of the recipes out on their website to make with this little lot, along with just eating it of course!  Looking forward to trying out the new bars too!

You may have already seen the widget in the sidebar to the right, which showcases our lovely award along with the little certificate you can see in the photo.

So for all those who voted for us, a big Thank You goes to you and a big thank you goes to Dorset Cereals for having the awards and also for our bumper crop of goodies!

You can nominate a blog or your own blog at any time and have people vote for you, the blogs all stay on the page and so each month you can have more and more votes and more and more cereal I am sure if you keep winning!  Maybe a big collection of egg cups too!

A big Live it. Love it. Make it Thank you!

H & Sammy, xxx