Cook it: Under the Weather Soup

So this week, along with Sammy, I have not been feeling so tip top - maybe it's a blogger thing! All this running around has caught up with me and I am lethargic, achy and lacking in any enthusiasm!

However, this does make me more inclined to make one of my favourite things - soup!  It's a ritual of when I am Under the weather to cook up a big batch of vitamin filled vegetable soup to help me get back up and running.  Along with my trusty tissues, lemsip and blanket - who doesn't love to cosy up with their blanket?

So, I thought it only fair to share with you, this weeks batch, looks good doesn't it!

1 Yellow Pepper
1/2 a Savoy Cabbage
1 tin of Butterbeans
Chicken stock cube
500ml Tomato Passata
1 Onion
1 clove Garlic
Herbs/spices to taste

I fry off the pepper and cabbage first to soften, then add the passata and stock and simmer.  Add the butter beans and any herbs/spices you like, I went with Oregano, Thyme and Garlic for this one, but I do like to have a spicy chilli hit sometimes too.

Overtime I make up some soup I put slightly different things in it and try a new way of doing it so this by no means is the same recipe I use every time (depends what I have in the fridge) but it is easy especially when you're feeling a bit under the weather.  This has kept me going all week and has made me feel all healthy inside.

What's your favourite Soup recipe, please do share so I can give it a go.

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