Workspace: The Old School Club

This month's workspace is courtesy of Inma from The Old School Club.

Where is your space?
My space is a studio room next to my living room.  It used to be a garden, but we added a glass roof and an external door and now it is a lovely space.  This has also been the Old School Club space, where I have been providing sewing and crochet classes.

What do you do in it?
I do lots of creative stuff, from sewing to painting, crochet and magazine flicking!

Why do you like it?
It has lots of light.  It used to be a very dark garden, but for some reason it now gets direct sunlight through the glass top.  I also like it because it provides lots of inspiration in a sort of organised chaos - my organised chaos.

What would make it better?
I need to get it back!  It is currently full of boxes, furniture, new stock and children's toys!!  We are currently moving The Old School Club to a proper place, so this really looks now like a mad house!

Thanks for sharing your space with us Inma!
Live it.  Love it.  Make it
H & Sammy