Make it: Quick and Easy Valentines Crafts

My Husband and I have never really been fussed about Valentines day. For us it falls smack between Christmas and our Birthday (we have the same birthday) and the thought of going out to a restaurant surrounded by lots other couples is not our idea of a good time. However I do always try and make a special effort to cook a nice meal and make Steve a little something. I thought I would share a couple of ideas for little last minute gifts that are super easy to make for your boy/girl or to decorate your dinner table with a few supplies from home or your local store.  If, like me you haven't really thought about Valentines until today!

I made Steve this little Valentines dessert platter. As well as making some treats I bought some Valentines sweets from M&S and put them in little heart shaped cupcake cases. Presentation can make a little look like a lot. What I made him includes.....Valentines chocolate bark

Peppermint Creams & Peanut Butter Hearts
Peppermint creams from my mums recipe, there are lots out there, some use egg, I use double cream, icing sugar, peppermint essence and food colouring, and peanut butter hearts  recipe found here
Basically any of your partners favourite treats or biscuits cut into heart shapes are always a winner.

Eton Mess Milkshake, my hubby loves Milkshakes and they look cute too! I made these with fresh strawberries, milk, double cream, meringue, strawberry syrup, squirt cream and fresh strawberry to decorate. I am a bit obsessed with serving drinks in jars lately.

Quick easy cards, I made the heart one by using my hole punch to punch a heart shape and then threading ribbon through the holes and tying it in a bow to finish. The pink one was super easy, I just used my computer to lay out the word love in different typefaces, made the background pink and the words white and printed onto white paper, cut it out and stuck it to a card blank. Easy peasy!

Then at the top of the stairs I hung this magazine heart garland. I went through my Heat and Look mags and tore out any pages that had reds and pinks on and cut out heart shapes. Punched a hole in the top of each one and tied them on to pieces of red cord. I blue-tac'ed them to the wall underneath a picture {ironically hanging down under Steve's Darth Vader print that is hung on the landing} I adapted the original idea found here

Here are some more ideas for quick last minute gifts I found around the web

Wishing you a Happy Valentines Day!
Sammy xxx

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