My Top Ten Oscar Winning Movies

It's only two days away, this Sunday is the 85th Academy awards which will take place in Los Angeles. As I'm sure you know by now... I Love the Movies and any event that involves a red carpet! Here in the UK we do pageantry very well, we are the Kings and Queens of historical pomp and circumstance, but if anyone knows how to throw a red carpet awards shindig it's the good folk of California!

So, we on Tuesday we covered the fashion and today we are talking Movies! I am by no means a movie buff, I am a film fan, I love watching movies {Steve and I have a ridiculous dvd/blu-ray collection, and spend obscene amounts of money on i-tunes} Action and 80's Horror are my genres of choice.  Today I am listing my top ten 'Oscar Winning' movies for you.  They may not have all a won 'Best Picture' statue but they are my winners for sure. 

Nominated in 2009 for 13 Oscars including Best picture and Brad Pitt for Best actor in a leading role. Won 3 for Best art direction, Best make-up, Best visual effects. Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett in the story of a man who ages backwards, whats not to LOVE.

Nominated for 3 Oscars including Best visual effect in 2011. Won 2 for Best art direction and Costume design. This one is a little sentimental, I loved the Disney version so much when I was little, I had not one but two Alice themed Birthday parties, and my mum made me an Alice costume that I wore until the seams burst. This Tim Burton - Johnny Depp adventure did not disappoint. We went to the cinema to see it for my 29th birthday, and my Girls bought me a giant tea cup filled with Alice themed goodies.

Was nominated and won in 1995 for Costume design. Guilty pleasure revealed, Who doesn't love a bunch of Drag queens on a road trip in Australia on a giant sliver bus?? not a surprise it won for costume design, anyone for a dress made of flip flops.... anyone?

Nominated for 3 Oscars in 2006 for Sound mixing and Visual effects. Won for Best Make up. Another story from my childhood amazingly brought to life on screen. the visual effects are stunning and the Kids who play the Pevensie Children are just gorgeous. Aslan exactly as you picture he should be and voiced by the master Liam Neason

Nominated for 3 Oscars in 1995 including Best Art Direction and best sound.
Won for Best Cinematography
If you have one of those days where you just need to have a good cry, watch this film. Seriously I can't even watch the first ten minutes without a box of tissues near by, because I know whats gonna happen! Starring Brad Pitt, Anthony Hopkins, Henry Thomas and Aidan Quinn, some seriously great acting to be seen as well.

Nominated in 1987 for 4 Oscars including best editing and best sound editing.
Won for best original Music for the song 'take my breath away' 
An epic 80's cheese fest, including 'that' Volleyball scene! Amazing how a seemingly innocent film about a Naval flight school is hailed as a Gay cult movie, what is so Gay about four hunky young men playing volleyball I ask you (giggle)

Nominated for 3 Oscars in 2008 including Film editing, sound editing and sound mixing. Won all three catagories.  Frankly any excuse to drool over Matt Damon is good in my book, especially when he is being all 'Hard Ass James Bond esq' as Jason Bourne (Yum) on a serious note I have watched all three of the Bourne Movies over and over and am still not fed up of them.

Nominated in 2001 for 12 Oscars including Joaquin Phoenix for best supporting role and Ridley Scott for best director. Won 5 Including Russell Crowe for Best Actor and Best Picture. Aside from being Russell Crowe's best role ever, a gorgeously epic movie, again probably watched it over 20 times, I even have Max marked down for 'Boy names' for future little ones. Oh and lots of gruesome killing scenes (got to love a bit of movie blood)

Nominated for 6 Oscars in 1940 including Best art direction and Best Picture.
Won 2 for best Original score and best original song for 'Over the Rainbow'
In at number two, also Number two on my best movies of all time, the Queen of old school Hollywood, Judy Garland and the best Musical song ever. Still can't believe that this film was made in 1939! I have loved it from childhood. It will be a film I show my children and say 'this is what the Movies is all about'

Nominated for 8 Ocsars in 2011 including Best Original Score and Best Original Screenplay. Won 4 including Best Visual Effects and Best Cinematography. This is the film that knocked the 'Wizard' off my number one spot, in My All Time Top Ten in 2010. I saw Inception twice in the cinema and have watched it over and over on blu-ray. The concept, the acting, the music, for me everything in this film for me is perfection!

That is my top ten, hop over to Wikipedia for the list of all the Oscar winning films from the last 84 years and go to check out this years nominees at the Oscars website.

Will you be staying up late like I will be to see who wins what? I cant wait!
Sammy xxx