Love it: Pencil Drawing

My pencil drawing of Leonardo Di Caprio 

My pencil drawing of Jennifer Lawrence

As well as being a Sewer/crafter I am also, I suppose an Artist, I find it weird to call myself that. I have always thought of artists to be a rather bohemian crowd, creating and imagining their world as they go. Most of us as children are given the impression that an artist stands at a canvas with a paint brush in hand, as I grew up I realised that there are many different types of  'Artist' and that a paint brush or indeed a canvas are not always involved. I am not a paint brush and canvas girl, I have tried it, and although I can handle a paint brush with reasonable dexterity {thanks to hours of teaching from my Grandpa} A pencil is my weapon of choice. 

I have also learned that flowers nor Landscapes are not where my love of drawing lies, I love drawing people. Even in other artists work I'm drawn most of all to paintings and drawings of People, Portraits.  H and I took a trip to the National Portrait Gallery last week, we were there to see a collection of photographs of Marilyn Monroe {which were Gorgeous by the way} but I was more amazed by the contemporary portraits collection, one artist in particular, whose work has amazed me before was Jason Brooks

 The most stunning thing about this painting... yes its a painting not a photograph, is its size. To give you some idea this picture below is a photo of the artist and subject standing in front of it at its unveiling.

Photorealism is a genre of art that fascinates me, I have a Deviantart gallery where I show off my latest drawings, my favourites gallery is filled with others work, the vast majority of which are pencil drawings by other artists.

Another artist who has been in the news alot latley is Kelvin Okafor his pencil work is astounding, not surprising that he has won several awards of late for his work. 

I love drawing, I don't do it often, but when I do it gives me an amazing feeling. I like drawing celebrities, so I would say that my work was really fan art, but it is art none the less. 

My pencil drawings of Tom Hardy and Jensen Ackles

Anyone who commits pencil/pen/paint to paper/canvas/fabric is an artist, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Art is for everyone, by everyone, it is not elitist if we don't let it be.

The drawings I do are for me, I don't sell them or take commissions, I will occasionally draw one for a friend {H is the proud owner of  my drawing of Tom Hardy} as a gift, but that is it. My drawing is something that I do to relax, some people love a long bath or shopping {which I also do} for me sitting down with a pencil and a piece of paper and sketching a persons face until they look like who they are meant to be, is the best therapy. 

What is your thing? movies? sports? crafts? It's Valentines Day this week, aside from a person, what do you Love that is just for you?
Sammy xxx

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