Love it: Creature Comforts

It would seem that I have a bit of an addiction to creatures ...

I have made knitted and fabric creatures - which I like to call Critters - for a while now and even have made my friends a few with personality traits and facial features and all!  Friends also, have bought me or made me creatures too and so I think its starting to become a bit of a collection!

So, I thought I would share with you some of my Creature Comforts.

1.  This was a monster making kit that I was given a few years ago by my friend Stef.  You got all the fabric, felt, stuffing and glue in a kit and just had to put it all together.  I think one of his eyes must have fallen off in a move at some point, but I love him because he is a bit odd shaped and a one off!

2.  Some people will probably have these at home too, it is a Munny, this one was given to me by my friend Vic.  You are supposed to draw your creatures features on it, but I quite like it plain as it seems to already have its own expression.

3.  A sock monkey!  There is always room for one of these in your life.  I used to go to a pub in Putney where you could get the kit and sit and make your own sock monkey over a few drinks!  This one reminds me of my first few years in London and the sock monkey family me and my friends made.

4.  This random parrot is from a Mexican Restaurant - well just about restaurant, in New York.  I was there for a culture trip with the other students from my Masters course.  It was a hazy night of burritos in a basket and mojito cocktails with a loooooong drinking game of 'Have you ever'.  The aim of the game is that one person says something like ' have you ever seen Topgun?' and everyone who has, drinks a little sip.  This can get quite funny quite quickly, the more people think of things to try and learn about everyone else.

I do like things and objects and am always attracted to these little items when out and about, but also, I love the little faces and personalities they seem to have.  Just like people collect dolls or my little ponies (like Sammy), I seem to collect odd little creatures and people seem to keep buying them for me.  It probably gives them really easy present ideas, because I am probably most likely to love something a little weird and quirky.

These little Russian dolls, were given to me from my friend Sam (another one) who brought them back from Prague I think.  I used to have them all in one, but then I thought it would be nice to see all the little ones.  They sit on my window sill smiling at me every morning, I am pretty much a morning person, but every little helps as they say!

These little Panda beauties were given to me by my friend Jenean from the V&A show 'China Now' a few years back now.  The Hurt, Happy and Evil Panda's sit on my shelf on top of their little boxes, which I cannot bear to part with, they also make very handy display stands.

Inanimate objects which give so much pleasure, maybe I am a little sad, who knows, but everyone has some sort of ornaments around the house, perfect for catching the dust as my mum would say! Mine just happens to be little creatures of all shapes and sizes!  Does anyone have any creature comforts in their house?  Please do comment below to tell all.

reporting from the creature house,