Our New Years Resolutions 2013

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It's that day isn't it, you know the one where we have a think about what the New Year will bring and hope that last year will be forgotten quickly enough!  So every year I am sure half of us have thoughts of resolutions for the New Year and the other half run away from us screaming that we are fools and they never get done anyway so what's the point! 

Here at Live it. Love it. Make it HQ we thought that a few resolutions might keep us on the straight and narrow and help us to work on the blog and on our own lives!  Having it down in print, might make us keep them in our mind also, so fingers crossed.

H's Resolutions

1.  Take Photos of everything I make - this one is blog specific as I make so many things for friends and then forget to take pictures of how I do it.  They would be great to have as tutorials on the blog and yet I forget until its too late!  So this one will help you guys too, so you need to remind me of this one throughout the year I think.

2.  More Confidence in my work - this one is probably the hardest one to do as I am notoriously shy (I bet Sam will disagree!) and not confident in my own abilities.  I am not sure how to go about this one just yet, but definitely taking the lovely compliments I get from my friends when I make them things would be a good start!

Hong Kong
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3.  Visit Hong Kong - this is hopefully in the pipeline!  A friend of mine moved there this year from Singapore and I have always wanted to visit and so having not been on holiday for 2 years I feel that this should be my holiday!  I just have to continue saving now!

4.  Get out of my comfort zone (occasionally) - this one should also help with number 2.  I have a tendency to stay with safe and stick to what I know and so I think I should step out of that zone occasionally to see what else can happen.  I do shock myself sometimes and have done some amazing things and so I have never been dull but a few more of those moments would be good.

5.  Make more, Spend Less - I have patterns, fabric and a sewing machine, along with the skills to use it and so I don't really know why I don't make more of my own clothes or even alter them when they hopefully get too big!  This year will be all about baking more as well, I do love it, but don't seem to do it that much!

Sammy's Resolutions

1.  To be more organised -  As many of my friends and family will tell you Organisation is not my strong point! My Mum is an avid list writer, seriously this woman has lists of what clothes she took on holiday dating back to 1974. I have always been more of a 'lets see what happens' kind of girl, which is OK don't get me wrong, but I need to grow up, with all the things going on in my life I need to be more efficient, make more lists and plan ahead more, I feel I could get so much more out of my life if I could get more done day to day.

My Grandpa and My Husband on our Wedding Day in 2008

2.  Spending more time with My husband, Family and friends - this is a resolution I make every year, and this year is no exception. I am an only child and have always been happy in my own company, so I need to push my self to spend time with people I care about. My Grandpa will be turning 92 this year, I love him dearly and want to spend some quality time with him whilst I can. I was so busy doing things last year I know my Hubby felt a little neglected, so we are introducing Date night, once a month we are going out together, just the two of us, no phones, i-pads etc. to get some quality time.

3.  Spend less, save more - along with organisation, saving is not one of my strong points, I need to learn to budget my money and plan larger purchases. A friend of mine is getting married in 2014 and wants us to go to Vegas for the hen party, so I am setting up a savings jar, to help me see how much I can save to have a really good time over there.

4.  P.M.A. Positive mental attitude - I am a pretty positive person but I still think I can work on it, I want to try and find one good thing about every day. working in retail that can be hard, but even if it is spending the evening watching a movie with the Hubs that will be good enough. I am also going to work on being so defencive, and learn to take criticism, I have never been good at that!

5.  Getting closer to my weight loss goals - this is a personal goal but one I'm sure will be at the top of most peoples lists in January. I have been on my weight loss journey for 4 years. I had lost 4 stone and got half way to my goal, I have put some of it back on and need to get motivated again to get closer to my goal in 2013. Steve and I are joining our local gym and are going to go together, so we can motivate each other. Our basic diet is filled with healthy choices, however treats, cakes, takeaways and sweets are a regular occurrence, so we are working together to come up with some alternate 'treats' to help our weight loss be a healthy one.

There is always the resolutions that you should always break though isn't there, you know the ones!  The ones where you have absolutely no intention of keeping them, but you feel that you should to keep others happy or make yourself feel better after a week of excess from Christmas, but let's forget about them and aim for the good ones!

H & Sammy
Live it.  Love it. Make it