Love it: Our Childhood Storybooks

This week is National Storytelling week and as the website tells us: Storytelling can be found enriching lives everywhere: from nurseries to schools, from bereavement aids in hospitals to strengthening communication in the business sphere, from reminiscence centres to support groups for those with special needs, and in theatrical performances.  The sharing between teller and listener empowers, feeding the imagination from one generation to the next.

I think it's really important to tell children stories and get them reading as it helps them to learn and see the beauty in the world and so we thought you could do with a look at what kept us going when we were kids.

I was a real book worm when I was a kid and one of my many favourites from when I was little was Roald Dahl's books and as you may have seen from my post a couple of weeks ago, the books are still around in the family home.

I used to love all the stories and the imaginative people and places that are in his books and particularly loved  Matilda and The BFG, again check out the post last week for a bit more about Matilda.

Just re-finding these at my folks house has made me want to read them again, especially the wonderful world of Henry Sugar as for the life of me I cannot remember what it was all about! - the memory is really bad these days!

I remember we used to go to the library every Saturday morning and I was allowed to choose a few books to take home with me.  I remember it being a great family time as my Dad would go to the engineering section and my brother would soon follow suit when he was old enough, then Mum would stay with me or hunt out a romantic novel or something a bit more arty.  Then it was always off to the nearest bakery for a sausage roll and cake each to take home for lunch!  There was always going to be a food memory somewhere in there!

Libraries have always been a favourite of mine, following again from my post the other week.  I love seeing all the old and new books and remember when I was a student loving going to the library to see what I could find.  When I did my masters I became a member of the V&A Library and I definitely recommend it for any book lovers.

anyway, back to childhood books and Sammy.

I wasn't much of a reader as a child, I always really stuggled with reading and had to have extra tuition out of school to catch up with my class mates, I always blame it on the fact I would rather have been drawing in a book than reading one.
That aside what I did read I loved, this is one of the childhood books that I adored, I read it over and over again, The Jolly Postman, or other peoples letters.

Every other page was made to be an envelope with a letter inside (I'm sure this is why I still love receiving post!) some are letters and some are cards, but each one was beautiful.

This was always one of my favourite pages containing a mail shot from a witches supply chain 'Hobgoblin Supplies Ltd'.

I was quite amazed when I rummaged this out of the loft at my Parents that all the letters are still in their pages and it is still in beautiful condition. I can't wait to read this to my Kids some day.

So, now to you, what's your favourite book and why?  Leave us a comment below and we can check it out!

H & Sammy