Live it: Sammy's Sew Crafty Story

I have mentioned a lot on the blog about my Shop 'Sew Crafty Sewing Centre' and realised that I haven't ever shared any photos of it here. I know we all love a little virtual nose around so I thought it was about time that you all got to see where I spend most of my days and fill you in on a little of our history.

Ten years ago my mum phoned me very upset, she told me her local fabric shop where she worked part-time was going to close down because the owner wanted to retire. I was very sad for her as I knew how much she loved that place, I was sad.  I had been going there with my Mum since I was a baby, all the staff knew me as they helped to entertain me whilst my mum shopped for fabrics when I was little. I put the phone down to my Mum and didn't really think much more of it... until a week later when my Mum phoned again and said that my Dad had suggested that we buy the shop!

My Mum had phoned to ask me if I wanted to quit my Job as a trainee pub manager to come home and run a sewing shop with her......{btw my answer was Hell Yes!}

Mum and I had always played shop when I was little, she recalls one sunny day me emptying the entire contents of the fridge on to the office table next to my toy till to sell it back to her.
It seemed so right when we thought it through, we discussed and discussed until we were sure that we weren't being crazy {still not sure}.  A week later we put a offer in to buy what was then
 'Orixiom Fabrics Sewing Centre'

It will be Ten years in May that we embarked on this crazy journey, a name change {no one ever knew how to spell or say Orxiom} to Sew Crafty, a hectic Christmas shop relocation, a divorce, a new marriage, millions and millions of metres of fabric later and we are still here. Working hard to improve our stock and keep the shop looking current, in a recession filled United Kingdom. We have some wonderful customers and awesome staff who make running this business so worth while.

We are predominately dress making specialists, we sell patterns, dress fabrics and haberdashery, but we have seen the resurgence in the craft sewing market and now stock books and loads of 100% cotton fabrics. We also sell lots of cute stuff like trimmings, buttons, beads and ribbons.
I never really knew before I started this that it would be my dream job, I never imagined that I could be a shop owner, that I could do VAT returns and stock ordering {basically shopping, don't know why I didn't think I could do that??} 
It is not all sunshine and roses, by all means. It is hard hard work....everyday, when it is your own, it's very hard to turn off, it is a big responsibility. However it is SO worth it getting to play with pretty things all day long.

I hope you have enjoyed a little look around my home away from home.

If your in the Maidenhead area pop in and say hello, we are on Facebook too Sew Crafty Shop where there are more pics of our shop and stock.

Live it
Sammy xxx


  1. It already knew it looked pretty from the outside after driving round in circles trying to find a parking spot nearby just before Christmas. I gave up when I realised that if I found a space you'd only be open for another ten minutes! Unfortunately I don't live in M'Head and only work there and am always at work during your opening hours!

    From the looks of it I need to make a more concerted effort to leave work at 4:30 on a Friday and have more luck finding parking!

    I have signed up to a course to help me make my own clothes so advice in fabrics etc would be great!

    Hope to see you soon!

    1. Awww sorry Mrs M, hope you can find a space next time, it's free parking all they way round the block near us, which is great but it does get busy, ironic as it may sound, it's better when the wardens are about, everyone sticks to their time limit, so people move on more.
      We are open 9.15 to 5.15, but we never throw a customer out if we can help it, we never mind staying open a bit later. If you give us a call or a fb message to let us know you coming we will stay open for you if we can.
      All our staff are experienced dress makers and always happy to advise on projects, patterns and fabrics.
      Thanks for your comment, I look forward to meeting you soon.

      Sammy xxx

  2. Nice little shops like this are a rarity these days. More power and success to the shop owner!

  3. Keep it up! Your nice little shop looks pretty colourful and well-stocked! We love that old, vintage sewing machine.


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