Friday Favourite: Staircase Art

This week, like we all do in January I'm sure, I have been looking for home inspiration. Whilst surfing on Pinterest I came across a great selection of staircase art, our stairs are boring and covered in beige carpet, this has given me some ideas to run past the Hubby! 
Some of these beauties are so colourful and very creative. 

1.(above) I love the soft colour pallet used in this one and the free hand painting style

2. This mosaic staircase reminds me of Gaudi one of my favourite Architects

3. So bright and colourful

4. This one is so cute, I love the little phrases on each of the risers

5. If I was more of a book worm, these would be great

Are you planning any home renovations this year? 
Loving it 
Sammy xxx