Live it: Our Craft Spaces

By now you must know that we have very different styles to our crafting and lives and so we thought to kick start a new feature on the blog we would show you our craft spaces.

H has a little area in her room (the perils of renting) which is small and very organised - I am very organised in general and so like a bit of order and things in piles, as you can see from the piles of fabric below.

It's always a bit of contention in my head though as a creative person you are expected to be chaotic and un-organised and yet I am not!  Does this mean I am not as creative as I think or god forbid not as organised as I think!  It's something I definitely pride myself on but that occasionally I like to kick back and not be that person that people expect!

As you can see though, I have my sewing machine and some boxes on my desk which are filled with glues, pens and those odd bits that never go anywhere else.  Under the desk you get bags and boxes full of fabric, felt and printing equipment; along with patterns, clothes to alter and a collection of tote bags I believe!

Also, above the desk I have a noticeboard and hanging area for all those invites and photos I get sent that I want on display and of course my radio which keeps me going when I am getting my craft on.  As the space takes up part of my room I thought that I should just show this part.  I do also have beads, buttons and ribbons in my wardrobe - well you gotta fit it in somewhere!

So, yes my craft space is small, but its packed to the rafters with fabric, printing blocks, paints, beads, ribbons and buttons.  I do have an added bonus though of having lots of craft goodies at work too, so anything I don't have can be usually found there or at Sammy's place of course!

Sam is very lucky to have a whole room to work in - although you might not think that!

So here goes, very few people have been in my Craft room, and I have tidied up for you, yes this is it when it's tidy. I wish I could show one of those craft spaces you see on other blogs and in magazines, that are all white and clean.... but seriously how do people work in those spaces, I have to have everything where I can see it otherwise I forget what I've got, believe me it may look like chaos but I know where everything is... mostly...

If you stand at my door this is the view you get, This is my desk and my dressing table. When we moved in to our house Steve worked nights at his old job so I put my dressing table in here so that I could get ready for work whilst he was sleeping. It seemed to make sense it being here though as all my jewellery is in here to inspire me when I'm making my own. 
My necklace displays {on the wall to the right} are made from cork boards with push pins in to hold the necklaces, it makes it really easy to find the right one to go with an outfit when I'm in a hurry.

These are two of my pin boards. I bought two of the biggest ones I could find, and spray painted them white, not that you can tell now that they are covered in magazine clippings, drawings, photos and cute trinkets. Under them is a shelving unit which holds some boxes of fabric, baskets of wool, vintage threads but mostly my dress and craft patterns.

If you turn to the right you see my fabric cupboard, my wrapping paper collection and my small shelves. I don't think I have ever been able to close those cupboard doors, lol . I have sketch books and craft resource books, felt, sewing supplies, and photo props all stored here.

If we carry on round you will get to my craft shelves arranged mostly by colour. the top shelf is home to quite a few My Little Ponies, I used to custom make them to sell, I have kept a few of my very favourite ones that I made up here {I have a whole glass case in the kitchen of ones I have collected from other designers, more about that another time} then moving down to boxes of supplies like Fimo and glitter, as well as paper and card, jars of buttons, boxes of ribbon and baskets of lace.

My most used supplies are on and around my desk, Pens, and pencils, paint brushes, glues and stamps, all within easy reach.My new thing is my purple cutting mat, a gift from one of my reps.
Kudos to those who can tell which film I was watching whist taking these photos <3

 We hope you enjoyed seeing our spaces, we cant wait to see some of yours!

H & Sammy