Make it: Kindle Pouch Tutorial

A few weeks ago H told you about our Christmas craft day, It was really good fun, definitely one of my favourite new festive traditions!

Just wanted to show you a shot of my new blackboard wall in the kitchen, and our Yummy Christmas cake. Steve and are are not huge fans of fruit cake so I usually get a sponge one or a Yule log, this year an extra tall iced Victoria sponge was the winner.

H said she needed a gift for her Mum, we were brainstorming some ideas, when she said that her Mum had just got a Kindle. Steve had bought me one last summer for my Holiday and I remembered that I had made myself a cover, in the early hours of the morning whilst waiting for my lift to the airport.
We took some pics along the way so you can have a go at making one too.

H rummaged through my fabric stash and found a half metre of a fabric she thought her Mum would like, along with a matching felt piece and contrasting thread.

H used my kindle as a guide and drew around it, twice the length and a half. with a generous 2cm seam allowance.

We cut out the shape from the fabric and took it to the iron and pressed in a 5mm fold all the way around the shape. then used that as a template to cut the felt.

At this point one of my cats, Stella, decided that she wanted to help....
After cutting the felt we put it to the inside of the fabric, and folded it around the Kindle, to get the folds in the right place. Then from the bottom of one side H stitched up the side, over the flap and down the other side using Blanket stitch.

Then finished it of with a row of stitching across the inside edge. As a closure H chose Velcro and a decorative button to go on the outside.
Here is the finished case, along with my original. There are lots of covers out there to buy and make, but I like holding my Kindle in one hand, so just having a pouch to put it in to protect it when its in my bag works well for me. H said her Mum loves hers too!
This type of pouch case would work for all sorts of gadgets as well as e-readers, it is so fun to do and can be done with so many different fabric combinations.

Making it 
Sammy and H