Live it: A fun Craft Day

With our Christmas break we decided to have a little craft day as it is becoming a new tradition for me and Sammy.  We have been friends now for over 14 years and so we love to hang out and get creative just as much as we like to enjoy events and doing this very lovely blog.  Sometimes we have to stop ourselves and actually hang out like normal friends, which has been one of the perks of the recent Christmas and New Year break, lots of time to do that!  yey

We have a few tutorials coming up for you with what we did so we don't want to give too much away, but we thought you might see a little of what we get up to when left to our own devices!  Sammy's poor husband must think I live there sometimes!

Firstly we started with sandwiches and cake, afternoon tea style!  Sammy made a selection which were delish and if you know us by now, we like eating just as much as we like being creative!  I think we were meant to tuck into these all afternoon but they were mostly finished before we even got started!

Then onto a bit of creating, we got a few projects under our belt which we have been meaning to do for ages!  Some snap purses that neither of us have done before and a Kindle case for H's mum's Christmas Present based on one that Sammy had done previously - watch out for the tutorial for that.  

Then there was various chatting, more tea and a bit of needle felting.  I am afraid neither of us really took to this, but I have seen some really good needle felted goodies.  I just think that maybe it's not the craft for us, after all not all crafts are for everyone.  Even we can't love everything, although we do try!

So what did you get up to for your Christmas and New Year break?  Did you get up to any new crafts or just crafts you know and love?  It would be great to hear what you got up to, so please comment below and say hello if you haven't before.

H & Sammy