Live it: Ch-ch-changes

This time last year was so different!  I was living in London as I had done for the past 4 years and having given up my 'it's just not me' job the previous October I was temping and doing workshops to get myself back to being creative and to my dream job!

Then BANG in July I got that job! It's been a long time coming, but it meant however that I had to leave London, which I was not quite ready to leave.  But the fact that I got a job as a Learning Officer in a Museum which means I get to do arts & crafts on a daily basis is well worth missing some of the perks that London gave me.  I still get to see my friends in London as I am only half an hour away in leafy Surrey and now I am actually closer to my family and other friends outside of London, so its not all bad.

I get to teach children how to do arts & crafts and make History and Art a little more interesting.  I get to think up activities to do with school visits and groups alongside learning new skills along the way.  I work with people who might not think that the museum is a place for them at the start and then they end up with an exhibition on display.

The local area is still taking a bit of getting used to, there are no late night museum trips or huge choices in restaurants and markets, but I do have a park behind my house which doesn't have a roundabout around it (I used to live in Shepherds Bush) and there is a fabric shop and Pret for all my other enjoyment needs!  Let's face it if I am not creating, I am eating!

I have sorted myself out a workspace in my rented houseshare and so it's not ideal but small and perfectly formed!  I just have to be a little careful of the projects I choose and keep my hoarding nature in check so that I don't take over!

It's always amazing what difference a year makes, I can't even remember what I did last New Year's and so it just goes to show how many other memories I have made even with a change of pace along the way.  Like the time I dressed as an owl for my friends birthday; the time I became a Barbie; the time it was so sunny in April that we spent our lunchtimes by the canal; the day my niece was born; the time me, Sammy, Anna and Carly made a vintage event; making lots of children happy with workshops; and of course hanging out with all my wonderful friends throughout the year, what better way to spend a year!

Live it