'A charming woman is a busy woman'

The title of this post is a quote is by Loretta Young, an american actress - and I think it just about sums up this post!

It's been one heck of a few weeks back in the office and with our blog.  You may have noticed that we have been updating a little more and so we are being kept very busy.  We hope you like the content and if you have anyone or something you would like us to feature then please do contact us at liveit.loveit.makeit@gmail.com.

And then onto my day job!  If you checked out my post last week you will know that I work in a museum 'The Lightbox' and it has been a case of hitting the ground running since I got back after Christmas.  I thought I would show you a few of the many projects we have been up to.

First up is the opening of a new exhibition that one of my colleagues ran with the local community called Landscapes of the mind.  They looked at the collection we store at the museum - which is owned by Chris Ingram, a local art collector and business man - and then they produced their own work inspired by the works.  I particularly liked this one at the top of this post with the umbrella's so I thought I would share it with you, you'll have to come see the exhibition to see the rest!

I have been working with the Volunteers at the museum to produce a knitted landscape in conjunction with our Welsh Landscapes exhibition - which is only on until the 27th January, so be quick.  There is a painting in the exhibition of 2 ladies knitting in a welsh landscape and so this was the influence to get people knitting!  This is the first of a few landscapes I think as the volunteers have been knitting up a storm and I have to keep up to put it all together!

This time of year we are already onto working out what our next set of workshops will be from April to September, so it's quite a lot of planning.  If you follow me on Instagram (@H_a_Sketch) you may already have seen these little fellas on there.  Let me explain, we have a exhibition coming up about a Victorian Garden Designer called Gertrude Jekyll and so we thought a drop-in Gnome making session might be good!  Do you like?  I think they are funny, but then I do have a very odd sense of humour!

So that's just a few things I have been up to, we have a lot of School visits coming up and so it's all go and I am learning so much about the local history of the area along the way.  

Do pop in to The Lightbox if your in the Woking area and bring your kids or just yourself for any of the workshops coming up!

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