Live it. Love it. Make it. What a year 2012

This year has had chaos, panic and some grumpiness but show me a year that doesn't! Above all else though its been fun and this little blog has kept us both going, even with some quieter moments.

We thought we should share some moments with you that really stood out!

The time we did a Bunting workshop for the Craft Coop pop-up shop in Maidenhead in the summer and then Kelley sent us this lovely picture of her daughter with her finished bunting.  Kelley got married recently too, so congrats!

For me it was my niece being born, and in this picture we give another great achievement this year, the Olympics a mention!  She is so cute and although I have lots of friends with children, a few who were born this year too, there is something about having a niece that is so so special!, loves her, xxx.

There was quite a few 30th Birthday parties this year and of course Sammy had to celebrate in style with a sweetie bar and a rainbow cake!  It was the BIGGEST cake I have ever seen!  We have established that we are best friends and that we are never getting rid of each other and I think this blog of ours cements that, so it makes it all the more special and shows how much we like cake!

We accomplished quite a few firsts this year, this was a picture from our first workshop with the Craft Coop, back in March, wow time flies, I can't believe that this time last year we hadn't met all you lovely Chicks! Deborah, Teresa, Anna, Yolande and the rest of you, we feel so privileged to call you our friends.

As H said it has been for myself and a few of my friends, our 30th year, one of the best parties has to be our friend Kelly's Barbie party, I am biased as I was involved in decorating the venue, but it was genuinely one of the best nights, so many giggles!

One of our best memories of the year has to be 'Live it Vintage' the event we put on in the summer. We are still a little surprised that we managed to get Sammy organised enough to run an event, but then I  have been doing it for years so I knew we could pull it off. Again I think the best thing that came out of it was the friendships that we gained. Carly, Laura and of course Anna in particular have become like members of the Li.Li.Mi family, love you guys.

Roll on 2013 then and check out any of our other posts from the year if you managed to miss anything!

H & Sammy
Live it.  Love it. Make it forever!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Well as the title suggests we wanted to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We will be having some time off over the Christmas Period to get some rest and of course plan some more exciting things for 2013, so watch out!

We hope you have a great Christmas, whatever you are doing and remember that its all about who you are with and the people you care about most.  But with a few chocolates in there too!

See you in 2013!!

H & Sammy

Love it: Sammy's Christmas Tree

It was my day off from the shop yesterday and finally had a chance to tidy the house and get it all decorated ready for festive fun! A few weeks ago I mentioned I was thinking of getting a new White Christmas tree, well she is up (this tree is definitely a girl) and looking lush so I thought I would take a few pictures to show you how well my sparkly pastel scheme worked out.

The dusky lilac, mint, antique pink and shimmery gold silver and pewter decorations make for a really pretty, soft focal point for our lounge, which my friends describe as having a 'batcholor pad' look to it, well I do live with a boy (the Husband) but this beauty definitely glams it up a bit!

I hope you all have your trees and decorations up and ready for all those yummy presents, I cant wait to hear what all my friends got from their loved ones. I am so looking forward to spending some quality time with my friends and family especially my Mum, I know that may sound strange to some of you that know that I work with my Mum every day at our shop, but it is so different when I get to relax and chill out with her, away from work. We are cooking Christmas dinner together again this year, I can't wait its going to be so lovely. 

lots of Christmas tree love, Sammy xxx

Link for the week: Vintage Christmas Jumpers

This week's link is once again a Chrsitmassy one, which I can't quite believe as Christmas spirit is lacking for me me this year!  But for everyone else it should all be about the Christmas Jumper and the Guys over at Frock & Roll have it covered! This Vintage Christmas Jumper is a winner.

H was lucky enough to buy an amazing 1980's blue dress from this shop last week and of course they took part in our Live It Vintage event last summer, so they are all round good guys in my book!

So check out their Christmas Jumper selection and get your geek on this Christmas!

Love it

Link for the week: Rigby and Mac Owl clock

Photo of
This week's link might just be an extension of my Christmas wish list for anyone looking for a present for me... Well I can try! Combining my love of owls and clocks!

It's amazing!

Love it!

Live it: Japanese Gocco Printing Workshop at Craft Central

Last week I attended Craft Central in London.  I have been to one of their workshops before and so was really looking forward to it.  About a week after I booked the hugely popular (it has sold out in hours previously)‘Craft It Yourself: Printing using Japanese PrintGocco machines’, they emailed me to tell me that the workshop was going to be slightly different than advertised. 

Link for the week: Gnometastic

I am having a little Christmas time fun with this weeks link!

It's all about the crochet, which I am a novice at and so I am not sure I could practice what I preach here! But maybe I could have a go in 2013 hey! How cute is this little crochet Gnome.

Please let us know if you have had a go or any other little creatures you have done. We would love to see them.

Make it

Love it: Christmas Wishlists

With it being the 1st of December we thought it only right to our Christmas wishlists with you

No.1 Top of My (Sammy's) list is a Silhouette Cameo computerised paper/fabric cutting machine. I used to have a have a slice machine, which I have recently sold to make way for one of these. I need this in my life!

No.2 on my list is theses Virtue stacking rings, there are hundreds in their range to choose from, these three are my faves. I am a little bit of a fan of stars, I have lots of star pendants and charms, I even have a tattoo of five stars on my back.

No.3 are the yummy Sweetie Fur Lined Slipper Boots from my favourite high street store Accessorize! My current (last years Christmas present) pair have lasted me a whole year, I wear my slippers A LOT! But now have rather large holes in both feet. These look so cozy and I love the pompoms.

My last two are definitely on my 'DIY' list to have a go at in the new year if I don't get the real thing.
No.4 on my list is from a store that is well loved in the US and becoming a massive brand in the UK too, Anthropologie.  H is responsible for introducing me to the wonders of their existence on a trip to their Regent Street store a few years ago. I have an 'S' mug from their original range, but I just love these floral designed homegrown monogram mugs, and the 'S' is in such a cute teal and red colour combo.

No.5 Is from my current designer crush Kate Spade. I love this gold spot Mobile phone case, the perfect mix of Glam and kooky, If this isn't in my stocking though I feel a DIY version on the cards!

No.1 on my list is to go any see Matilda at the Theatre.  There are 3 main reasons: I love Roald Dahl and my favourite book was Matilda; I loved the 90's Film with Bob Hoskins and I love Tim Minchin - who wrote the  new Music and Lyrics.  So what's not to look forward to!

No.2 on my list is the House of Elliot Series boxset.  I loved it when I was younger watching it with my mum and last year BBC3 had a complete re-run and I loved it all over again.  I loved the clothes and that the 2 women were Fashion designers - one of my 'what do you want to be when you grow up' jobs.

No.3 is my new favourite thing. It is a machine built in the 80's for Japanese Children to be able to print on a small scale - similar to screen printing.  Japanese Gocco Machines are apparently very rare and have stopped making them, but I will be scouring Ebay and the world for one of these beauties and maybe one Christmas I may well find one!

No.4 is this Lisa Jones Studio Cushion.  Now I love checking out cushions but don't actually have many at home and that may be more to do with house-sharing than anything else.  But if I did have cushions, this would be the one I want as it has an Owl on it and I am a bit obsessed by birds but especially owls at the moment!

And finally at No.5 is my all time favourite thing at Christmas time and all year round in fact.  I love mint chocolate and there is something about Matchmakers that makes me feel very Christmassy!

If you have your own to share, then please post a comment below.  We would love to see them.

Love it Christmas Style
Sammy and H xxx