Link for the week: Halloween Nail art from Hello Giggles

It's Half term week here and that means my job is Crazy busy!  Due to Halloween being today, I thought it only right to share a link with that theme and with me not being a huge fan of the day itself, I thought I would go with something fun and not too creepy.

I found this cool nail art on one of our favourite blogs Hello Giggles over in the US that happens to have Zooey Deschanel as one of its writers - not bad hey!

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Love it

Look Magazine Fashion DIY's

Check out this weeks Look magazine for ideas to make your own catwalk inspired wardrobe!

Love it!

Love it: Craft Coop Jewellery shop, Buy Our Jewellery

Just in time for Christmas present hunting, we have some of our handmade jewellery for sale in the Craft Coop Jewellery shop in Maidenhead town centre. I took some instagrams of it earlier today, it's looking lovely in there. H and I both make jewellery and we both have a number of pieces for sale in the shop. Pop down and get buying. All our pieces are one off's and H uses Stirling silver to make her rings... which are yummy!

I also have a number of my Bridal Headpieces in the shop too. You can see them here alongside Thumbelina's darling knitted cardigan, and in the window.

The shop is located opposite Clinton Cards in the Nicholson's Shopping Centre, Maidenhead.
Just round the corner from the main pop up shop which is also crammed full of gorgeous gift possibilities!
Hoping to get some better pics this weekend when I pop in for a shift in the the pop up shop.

Stop by and see me if you are around, and pick up some beautiful jewellery too!
Love it
Sammy xxx

Link for the week: Improve your Handwriting with Heart Handmade UK


I have always wanted to get my handwriting a little neater so that when I am making cards or writing anything for my crafts it looks like a normal person has written it, rather than a scribble - which is usually what it ends up looking like, years of writing notes in meetings and in lectures.

So, when I found this little beaut of a link, from Heart Handmade UK I thought I would share it will you all too.  It helps you to practice your handwriting and shows a few tips for practice as well as finding some inspiration for how you want your typography to look!

Also, this is quite a nice website to look at anyway, so it's a winner both ways!

Love it

Make it: Big Draw Workshop

As the title says its all about the Big Draw this weekend for us. On Saturday, we will be doing a Shrink plastic workshop for the Big Draw at the Guardian!  Yes that's right, the Guardian chose us, amongst other artists to be part of their Big Draw day! How exciting!

We will be working with the children to help them design their own Halloween inspired Shrink Plastic pieces.  Getting them to draw on a thin piece of plastic, watching them go crazy when the plastic all curls up with the heat and then see it when it ends up so small and thick.  That's the best part!

They will be able to make badges and necklaces or bracelets and lots of enthusiasm about trying out this fun plastic to take home. 

So if you are in London and fancy a free workshop then pop down to the Guardian Offices, York Way, Kings Cross; between 2-4pm and we will help you create something fun!

Live it.  Love it.  Make it
H & Sammy

Link for the week: Epic Banana Loaf Recipe

Banana and chocolate chip loaf

This weeks link is a foodie one thanks to my friend Kate and Mary Berry. A group of us from my old crowd of friends got together for Sunday lunch yesterday and for fun we all bought a different pudding .We had Apple Crumble, Banoffee Pie and Chocolate & an epic Banana loaf! It was AMAZING!  and apparently very easy to make, so I thought I would share it with all you lovely people as this weeks link. 

Please do let me know if you made it and liked it, or if there are any other recipes we should try out for next time.  I am trying to perfect my gingerbread men biscuits at the moment, so any fail-safe recipes would be gratefully appreciated!

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Link for the Week: Halloween Tie Dye from I love to create

This week I found this little gem of an idea for Halloween inspired tie-dye.  How cool, I love the idea of making the tie dye in to a fun shape, not just a random pattern. 
So go have a look and see what inspiration you can get.  We would love to see what you make

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