Live it: Kings Place and The Cally Festival

What a difference a week makes. This time Last weekend we were down at Kings Place Music Festival making all manor of paper accessories out of recycling their old leaflets.  We made beads and badges, wands and hats and even a few pairs of glasses on sticks!

We had great fun down at the event and were kept very busy with children of all ages, so thank you very much Kings Place!

We then decided to take a little trip further down the road to The Cally Festival which is on Caledonian Road.  We went last year and so decided to go back this year for another look!  And luckily it wasn't like today and was a lovely slightly warm day.  They picked the right weekend! There was an array of stands with craft supplies, vintage goods and of course cake!  Along with sports and local community groups out in force to show off what they offer!

We saw some artists painting some cubes with illustrations and images on all sides.  Its always nice to see what other people are up to and see some new talent!

There was also a large painting which had been done by artists and local people which means you cannot forget which road we were on!

Whilst walking around H saw some of her friends she had met at The Make Lounge, with their own stall, so go check out their online shop Craft Closet!

Lots of lovely things to buy and make, I have my eye on the knitted purses!

All in all a good day of Living it, Loving it and Making it
H and Sammy