Love it: Live it Vintage

I can't believe it was three weeks ago that H, Anna, Carly and Myself stood on an empty Maidenhead High Street at 6.30 am with butterflies in our tummies, waiting to see if our first event would be a success!

Our team had done all we could, months of planning had come down to one day...What a Day!! 
There was sunshine and rain (the torrential kind) singing and dancing, furniture and clothes, Hair and make-up, cakes and buns, photography and cars, a fashion show and a dance lesson. We could not have hoped for a better day. Our traders were all lovely, our performers professional and our visitors happy.

  photos are courtesy of the Maidenhead Advertiser

Here are just some of the Awesome Photo-booth shots from Laura Broken Logic Photography

 The Wayward Sisters
 Carly and the Wayward Sisters
 Sammy and the Wayward Sisters
The 'Live it events' team
Carly, Sammy, Anna and H
Photo-booth photos courtesy of the lovely Laura @  Broken Logic Photography 

Thank you again to everyone that came along and took part, it was an honour! We all had a really lovely day and we hope that all you guys that came along had a great time too, If you couldn't make it this time, we are looking forward to meeting you another time.

Still 'Living it Vintage'
Sammy xxx