Make it: Maidenhead Quilt

Maidenhead Quilt is now on display! It is cheering up one of the Nicholson Centre's empty units No.37 (next to Clinton's) A massive thank you to everyone who participated this time. 

If you don't know about our Quilt already let me tell you a bit about where the Idea came from.
I Love a good old fashioned community project; I have lived in Maidenhead all my life and remember taking part in lots projects with the Brownie’s, Guides, church groups and at school. I always remember how much I loved feeling a part of something, and going along to an event to spot the piece that I had helped to make.
So it was back in November last year that I read an article about a town in the States that had made charity quilts for the people of New Orleans after the floods, and how it had brought communities together to produce something for good causes. I thought what a lovely way to literally ‘sew a community together’
Sometime in March this year I was sat in a town meeting about the Olympics, the Jubilee and the Portas bid, the talk of community and bringing the town together to support the High Street made me remember the quilts that brought those American communities together and the projects I took part in as a child, it all clicked into place… A community quilt!
I mentioned the idea to Steph James the town manager in an email and she told me that our friend Deborah from the Craft Coop had wanted to do a similar community project, so I got on the phone to Deborah and a few hours later the Maidenhead Quilt was born.

We had over 100 squares donated this time, and everyone said how much fun they had coming up with their design and how much they were looking forward to seeing it all sewn together.

We love the quilt and how hard everyone worked on producing their square.

 We want to make it BIGGER!
We are extending the closing date to the 17th of November 2012.

If you didn't get a chance to have a square included you can have a go this time and have
it added to the quilt for display in December.

If you live, work or are associated with Maidenhead you can make a square.
We would love more businesses to get involved. There is a page on our weebly site especially for local businesses who want to get involved. 
If you are interested in taking part check out
or email
Deborah (
or Samantha (
For more information.

Thank you...
Highfield Preparatory School, Caroline Crampton, Anna Alcock, 
Thumbelina Design, Robert Maxwell,
All Saints School, St Peters Church, St Marks Church, Frances Bedwell,
8th Maidenhead Brownies, 8th Maidenhead Guides, Royal Forest Agricultural association,
Rosie’s Rainbow Fund Redroofs Theatre School,
P Tierney, Claire’s Court School, The Link Foundation, The Roteract Club,
Heather Thomas, Samantha Claridge, Teresa Mills, Craft Coop, Maria Lena, Rachel Jones,
Live It Vintage, George Garcia, Scott Lemon, Susan Preedy,
Maidenhead Operatic Society, Tod Lemon, Claire Somber, Yolande Dennis, 
Buttercup Designs, Little Pickles, Samantha Creamer, Jane White,
Art on the Street, Ruth Daniel, Judith Brown, Janice Bedwell, Bee Bee Crafts,
Live it. Love it. Make it., Trish Westrop, 8th Maidenhead Brownies , Sylvia Haunton,
Janice Bennet,
and all the other Individuals who decorated a square.

Here is a closer look at some of my favourites

Make it Maidenhead Quilt
Sammy xxx