Who's Who: Thumbelina Design

This week was all about catching up with Anna Alcock from Thumbelina Design.  We met her through the Craft Coop and love her pretty and intricate designs for the Bride who really wants to be original on her one special day.  

What is Thumbelina Design?
I design and make gowns and accessories for flower girls, Brides, bridesmaids and special occasions. I have always been fascinated by history and it's effect on fashion through the eras, from Edwardian and Victorian thruogh to more "modern day looks" of the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. My designs are hugely inspired by these eras and also my love of all things Indian.  I also happen to be a total magpie when it comes to anything sparkly or jewel like. Even from being a little girl I was a massive fan of lace, unless of course it was those scratchy lace tights or cuffs on my pretty dresses - just ready to ruin a good day out!

Tell us more about your background
I trained in fashion and theatre costume to degree level and since graduating I have worked as a designer for the high street on multi product but mainly on knitwear. My jobs have taken me to some exotic and far flung parts of the world which has inspired and amazed me. Experiencing the glamour of Hong Kong, L.A and New York to factory visits to China and Bangladesh where I once had to travel by ambulance to a factory to avoid political unrest and riots.  Witnessing my designs being made in volume on a factory floor is amongst one of my proudest moments.

How did Thumbelina Design Start?
Thumbelina Design was born in February 2011 from a desire to pursue my own dream and offer something unique to the Bridal market.  I started hearing from my friends who were getting married how "samey" bridal and bridesmaid dresses are, how the colours are sickly, fabric cheap and price expensive!  And so Thumbelina was born.  From my experience in the fashion industry, I knew how important quality and customer service were, especially at the very stressful time of planning a wedding. When you are spending a lot of money on something, you want to feel the service is personal and styling unique. Thumbelina Design is a bespoke service from the design stage right through to your finished gown and accessories. We offer you styling advice, tips on colour, silhouette and coordinating your own unique style with the theme of the wedding.

Where can you find Thumbelina Design?
Their services are promoted through our website, Facebook page and advertising in a couple of publications.  I take part in wedding fairs that suit the style of my brand, such as The Most Curious Wedding Fair and also local craft fairs through the craft coop where the accessories have gone down a storm!

What’s next for Thumbelina Design?
In the year and a bit since Thumbelina has been established our organic growth and customer demand has lead to a number of doors opening and exciting opportunities are on the horizon.
Over the next couple of months, We will be adding additional services to our portfolio and further workshops aside from the 'Maid-to-measure' workshop service we currently offer.

Maid to measure workshops are a chance for the bride and her maids to gather with me, my mood boards, fabrics, swatches and tons of inspiration to design their own gown or accessories.
The future is looking very bright for Thumbelina Design and within the next year we will also be launching a wedding gown collection, 'Thumbelina Bride'.

Catch Thumbelina Design at The Wedding Fayre at Taplow House Hotel
in conjunction with Berkshire Wedding Fairs
Thursday 21st June 2012
5.00pm – 9.00pm

Everything really does seem to be taking off for Anna! We are sending all our Brides your way! 

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