Who's Who - MakeMe

This week we had a little chat with Melissa from MakeMe who is based over in Cobham, Surrey.  We thought it only fair to let you in on all the fun!

How did the idea of MakeMe start?
MakeMe started when Melissa decided that she wanted to go back to work doing something she loved but that (at the time she thought) wouldn’t take her away from home too much.  She was a solicitor (fraud litigator) working for a huge London firm when she first had her kids and the work life balance didn’t go to plan!  She knew her and her husband were in over their heads when they actually started interviewing nannies to work for them at night!!! 
Deciding there was no point in having kids if they were never there, Melissa then discovered a creative side she never knew that she had by teaching herself how to draw, paint, crochet, knit etc.  After their second child was born they moved out to Surrey and now that their children are older, she wanted to go on workshops to learn more but found that there weren’t any or they were far away or booked up so far in advance it was ridiculous!  She knew so many creative people with time on their hands, so she thought she could start a business providing workshops! Result.

Who makes up MakeMe London? 
MakeMe is made up of Melissa and her husband (who does all the photography which is his hobby) and a team of specialist tutors who teach all the workshops that Melissa can’t!  These are a lovely group of talented ladies that either found Melissa or she found them through their work.  All their bios are available to see on the About Us page of the website.  http://www.makemeworkshops.com/about.html.

How do you decide which workshops to run? 
By what people ask for or what potential tutors approach Melissa with (that she thinks would work).  There are also practical and economic concerns of course!

How should our readers see you? Over to you…..
I think I just want people to see me as someone who decided they wanted to continue learning and being creative and actually did it. 
I’d like people to know that I’m quite chuffed with how MakeMe has turned out although I never in a million years imagined that it would be so time consuming and stressful.  Much more so than when I had to stand up in court! 
I think it’s because it’s something I care a great deal about and it’s more than a job – it’s what I love to do.

I think that’s something that can resonate with all of us, loving what we do.  Everyone has their own Loves and not always are they craft related (I know, shocking hey!).  But one of the great things in life is being able to do something you love with your life.  It would be great to do that everyday hey!

So go check out their courses if your over in the Hampshire/Berkshire/Surrey area, saves a trip into London in any case! (which let’s face it, isn’t for everyone!)

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