Who's Who: Little Pickles & Buttercup Designs

For this Who's Who we talked to Denise who runs not only LittlePickles fun with art sessions over in Maidenhead but also has her own company selling her own art called Buttercup designs.  All this and she works part-time as a teaching assistant as well!  Does this woman ever have time off!

What is Little Pickles fun with art and Butter cup designs? 
Well Buttercup designs came first,  It started around 2010 when I had decided to brand my art to sell at a local art market.  Buttercup was what my friend, James, who I lived with in halls of residence with at Uni called me and it just stuck. With my work changing quite drastically from one collection to another I thought it might be a good idea to put a name to my work.  Buttercup designs is like an alter-ego where I can be free and try new things with her art.  She makes handmade cards, Canvases and prints, from my vivid colour animal designs to my newer, more vintage pieces.  My view on art is that it should make you feel and I would like to think my art is as fun to see as it is to make...and each piece comes with a free smile! :)
Little Pickles fun with art sessions are exactly what they say on the tin... they are a chance for children aged between 3 and 6 to come along and create something to be proud of. I believe all children are little artists in their own right, I pride myself in giving them the full artistic experience using fab materials and giving them the encouragement and freedom to create something amazing to take home and treasure! We also have a lot of fun, make a lot of mess and keep the glitter companies in business!

How did you start Little Pickles?
Marie, the manager of our local art shop, and I were having a chat one day discussing there was a gap in the market for art classes for little ones and that they were renting out their gallery space so if I knew of anyone to get them to contact her. Then a few weeks later we were chatting again and she asked me if I would give it a go! We couldn't believe we hadn't thought of it before, it was a perfect combo of the two things I love’s the most, working with children and art! So it was decided, I booked some dates in the gallery and went home to design a poster but then realised I needed a name! So I looked around for some inspiration and saw my house bunny looking up at me and with that ‘Little Pickles’ was born and I have never looked back!

Where do you do the Little Pickles workshops and sell your Buttercup design work?
I do the workshops during school holidays in the Boville Art shop's gallery in Maidenhead, which is a fantastic space.  Mandy (my partner in crime) and myself also do crafty birthday parties.
I sell Buttercup designs cards at Sew Crafty (Sammy's shop) with all the money going to fab charities SPRING and little angels. I make those for love not money! And I also have exhibited and sold my art at every Art on the Street fair so far. 

Anything coming up that we should know about?
I will be exhibiting again at Art on the Street in Maidenhead on 12th May and Little Pickles will be running through the summer holidays, dates are yet to be confirmed. Check out the website for further information.

What does the future have in store for both Little Pickles and Buttercup designs? 
Wow, I would like to think big and exciting things!  It's something I never dreamt I'd be doing and I absolutely love every minute of it!  I feel like I'm living the dream! 
It has been such an amazing thing to see your little idea explode into reality and not just that but for other people to see your vision and love it as much as you do, which is why Mandy and I make such a good team!... watch this space!

Such an inspiration!  Lovely to see someone who gets to enjoy what they do and be creative at the same time!  Sometimes I think when you start your own business you are not able to be as creative as you still want to be.  It’s lovely to see Denise enjoying herself and sharing that joy with the little pickles that come to join her!

Don’t forget to check her out at Art in the Street!

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