Make it: An up-cycled Cake Stand

So as the long Jubilee weekend is going to be shortly upon us, we thought a cake stand tutorial would be just the thing to get you through the week!

Thanks to the Jubilee and the recent trend in cakes and all things vintage we thought that making a cake stand for your jubilee party might be just what the doctor ordered.  It is so simple you can find some items on the charity shop on Saturday, make it on the Sunday and have it ready for the extra days off's celebrations!

Firstly you will need a few things and thanks to a rummage in the house and a very helpful Vintage fair for a few of the lovely plates, there is some very helpful photos below of the items you will need!

3 plates of various sizes and 2 bowls or cups to make the pillars

A tape measure, glue and pen

I managed to find 3 different plates in various sizes, the largest for the bottom of your stand and the smallest for the top tier.  Also I found two glass cups, one taller for the bottom tier to make it stand a little taller.  But you could use tea cups or little vases, whatever you already have or you find when you are out and about!  It's always nice to keep a consistent colour or style of items, to make it seem not too mismatched, but you can go with whatever you like really.

1.  To start I would wash and clean all of your crockery and glassware and so its all nice and shiny.  Then using a tape measure, find the centre of your largest plate to make the base of the stand and mark with a pen.  Tip: If you also draw around the top of the glassware on the bottom of the two other plates, making sure you keep it central - it will make it easier for you later.

2.  Adding glue (you can use glue of any kind, as long as its strong and will bond glassware or crockery) to the base of the first glass cup, you then place it in the middle of the plate and hold until adhered.

3.  Then add glue to the top of the glass and using your previous marks on the bottom of the middle plate you can keep it central.

4.  Then repeat steps 1,2 and 3 for the next glass cup and top plate, making sure you keep it all central.

That, as they say is all!

You end up with a Cake stand that even the Queen would be proud of!  Something to show off to your friends at your party and make sure you try and get some Special edition Jubilee Fondant Fancies to top it off!

Make it for the long weekend!

Love it: Fan Mail!

This morning we received our first piece of fan mail, in the form of a beautiful handmade thank you card from one of our lovely Bunting workshop participants, 7 year old Orla!
I just had to show you all her lovely card.

Love it
Sammy xxx

Live it: Art on the Street, May 2012

WARNING: What follows is an gratuitous collection of images showing off the Amazing talents of the people Maidenhead and the surrounding area's. If you are not a fan of Gorgeous art, Happy towns folk, BMW's covered in chalk pen, Beautiful crafts and Talented musicians.... turn away now.

I am not ashamed to say that on Saturday 12th of May I was more than little overcome by the simply beautiful site of so many people on the High Street where I live and run my business! In fact it is bringing tears of pride to my eyes as I type. The whole Team that make up Art on the Street really outdid themselves and showed us all what a community working together can really do.
{although I'm not gonna lie, I know for a fact that an entire egg & dairy free Happy Cake was consumed in the making of this event}

For the first time Art on the Street had a Live music element, giving local musicians a chance to perform on the stage, at busking points all over the town and in the Nicholson's Centre

There were so many amazing artists to see, I have shown you a few of my favourites. Above is the work of the lovely Sherry, who also runs Fashion design workshops for kids aged 11-16.

Above is the work of one of A.O.T.S founders Harriet Brittaine. My photos do not do these justice, the colours were stunning!
These unusual pieces are by Wendy Earley, no ordinary paintings... they are inlaid with mirror pieces to reflect the light. I had a lovely chat with Wendy and she told me about Bucks Open Studios.
'Bucks Open Studios is the largest visual arts event in the county. In June every year over 500 artists and makers, in over 150 different venues across Buckinghamshire, open their studios and run exhibitions and events for the public to visit.' Definitely worth checking out!
Another artist who caught my eye was Terry Murphy, who was not at his pitch so sadly I didn't get a chance to have a chat, but his colourful abstract work was gorgeous!  definitely on my Christmas list.

Below are just some of the other lovely works on show!

One of the events sponsors is Claires Court school, who had an amazing collection of the students work on show, as well as running all sorts of workshops around the town and having lots of performers on the bill all day long!
It wasn't just our High Street that had been beatified for the day, the Craft Coops usual haunt, the old Waterstones unit in the Nicholson's Centre was bursting at the seams with ceramics and crafts and even more art. As well as being home to Happy Cakes Vintage Cafe and Claires Court free art workshops.
Bumped in to a few familiar faces too, one of our lovely customers Jenni of Pinkcostello had some of her Glass pieces on display with Emerald Gallery, which is definitely on my next places to visit list.

Above is the beautiful ceramics of Susan Day, who btw was the same Susan that taught me willow weaving back in march, this lady is a woman of many talents!

Promethean was not a company I was widely aware of except I knew my Husband had one of their interactive whiteboards at his office. But having had a go on these giant drawing screens... I want one, sooo much fun!

Official buskers in the Nicholson's Centre were joined by living statues.
 As I worked my way back out in to the High Street, I spied some familiar work, in the shape of colourful bunny rabbits and elephants at Buttercup Designs. Denise had left her space in her cousins capable hands while she attended a friends wedding, her pitch was looking super pretty!

If you came along, or if you follow me on Instagram {@samanthaclaridge}you will already know all about the epic-ness that was Art Car! it felt so wrong to write all over a pristine white BMW... but it felt sooooo good too!

 A few of our friends beat me to it.

Awesome weather, Awesome people, Awesome art, Awesome Art on the Street! We applaud you.

Love it
Sammy xxx