Love it: Happy Birthday H

H did me the honour of a birthday post, so I thought it only right that I let you all know that today is her Birthday!

I am so proud to call H my friend, and I know that we will be friends for life, we have been through a lot together and pulled each other through some pretty tough times, but more than anything we have made some of the most amazing memories! 

We have lived five minuets apart and five hours apart and still stayed friends for over 14 years.
She has been my bridesmaid (twice) and we have spent many a night busting out some pretty amazing moves on the dance floor. We have been drunk together, studied tgether, spent hours on the phone when we are going to see each other the next day, eaten chicken burgers on bus stop benches together, we have laughed and cried together, we survived the 'Sugar Hut' together, holidayed together (what happens in Barcelona stays in Barcelona!) shopped till we dropped in New York together, and now we are Living it, Loving it and Making it together!
I can honestly say some of the best moments of my life have been spent with H by my side!

Here’s to the next 14 years and beyond baby! 

All my love always
Sammy xxx