Live it: A really good, Good Friday

So for good Friday we decided to stay near to my neck of the woods and go to Notting Hill and check out Portobello Market.  Now I don't live there, but it just happens to be a walk away which is always a bonus.

There are so many films that use the market, but my favourite being Bedknobs and Broomsticks! so we half expected to find a magical bed knob that is able to take us to far away places! But alas, markets stalls and lovely little cafes were what we found, which is no hardship!

We wondered through the stalls of printing blocks, furniture and old books and of course stopped for a drink and cake with a friend before carrying on for the afternoon.  I think we were so in awe of so much that we didn't end up buying anything!  I did see a lovely little chest of drawers, that was blue of course.  But a lack of funds and space meant that I left it for someone else to enjoy.

We took the scenic route back to chez H and walked passed the lovely Victorian town house's which we wondered whether people co-ordinated their house colours to blend with each other!

Its amazing that an area that was once thought of the bad part of Kensington and Chelsea is now one of the most expensive places in the UK!  I think it's lovely that Portobello market still exists and can thrive in a place which is mainly thought of for people with deep pockets.  I wish we had more places like this as an area can only thrive through a mix of new and old, large and small businesses, so that an eclectic mix of people will come and enjoy.

We certainly enjoyed it and after a trip to GBK for a right nice burger we took ourselves to the cinema to relax and top the day off!

Live it