Live it: Vintage

The second of today's announcements is that we are looking for Vintage sellers, traders and performers for our very first 'Live it' event taking place in August. 

If you know of anyone who might be interested or if you know of any good vintage suppliers or services you have seen in your travels, let us know by email

We are so excited to be running our very own event! 
Live it 
Sammy and H

Make it: Maidenhead Quilt

There are lots of exciting things in the works for H and I here at Live it. Love it. Make it at the moment, The Maidenhead Quilt is just one of them. A project My shop Sew Crafty and and the Lovely Craft Coop ladies are working on together. It is limited to Maidenhead locals this time but hopefully we will be able to show you all the results over the next few months, and it may even inspire you to do some thing similar in your own communities. If you are a local, pop over to our Webpage to get involved.

Making it
Sammy xxx

Who's Who: Homemade London

This week we had a chat with Nicola about her lovely little place called Homemade London so we thought we should let her tell you all about it!

What is Homemade London?
At Homemade London we specialise in indulgent creative experiences – including parties, team building sessions and workshops. We have brought together London’s most stylish designers and crafts people, to produce a range of tailored activities so that at the end of every visit, you will have made something you will want to keep forever or give to someone special. 

How did the idea of Homemade London start?
I (Nicola) had been working as a producer at the BBC and wanted to do something new - to explore a new creative direction. I had always loved fashion and enjoyed making things and was a habitual course-taker myself, but I realised I could find relatively few places in London where she could learn to make things I really wanted to wear or keep.
So I started Homemade London as a place where people could learn how to make high-quality items for themselves and learn a new skill in the process.

Who makes up Homemade London?
I founded Homemade London myself two years ago and am lucky enough to have an amazing team of experts and designer-makers, who have helped to shape and design the classes and party experiences. There are currently 20 different Homemade London teachers, each with their own specialist expertise. I design and teach a number of the workshops myself as I wouldn't want to miss out on all the fun!

How do you decide which workshops to run?
We always try to do something different - Homemade London was created to offer things that you can't find elsewhere. I'm passionate about fashion and interior design and am often influenced by designers that I love. For example, the cardboard deer head, designed by Francesca Baxter-Hunter is contemporary and you won't find a workshop like it anywhere else.

Why come to Homemade London?
We're really proud of the environment we've created, which is an important and sometimes overlooked aspect of the experience. Our workshop feels more like a salon and every detail has been carefully designed. I've included a lot of personal touches and found some wonderful furniture. The intimate space we've created is particularly important for parties and team building sessions.

We at Live it.  Love it.  Make it. are really excited about taking a trip down to Handmade London, their website looks lovely and it makes a change to have a craft space in Central London, they mostly seem to be on the outskirts of town. 

Check out the website and have a look at some of the workshops, I think I might go and check out the Craft Clubs they have on or the Liberty Print Cushion workshop! that always going to get my vote!

Thanks for chatting with us Nicola

Live it: Party like a Barbie Doll!

For the last few months my 'make it' time has been dedicated to everything Black White and Barbie pink. This is the year that most of my friends as well as myself have done or will be turning thirty, none of us with more glamour and sparkle than our friend Kelly.
When Kelly came to me last year with the plans for her big 30, with the words 'Barbie' and 'bigger than her wedding' I knew this was going to be fun! After almost a year in the planning last Sunday was the big day, and if I do say so myself it was by far the party of the year! Everyone who came made such a great effort with costumes and was really up for a good night.  We headed over to Foxhills Resort in Surrey in the early afternoon to start setting up.

From the giant rose covered 'K' to the matching table centre trees Barbie pink is a colour I'm not going to miss using for a while. Black and white striped table clothes with bows and delicious confetti. The 30 Balloons and a star balloon arch were provided by Lynn of Linley Enterprises.

Cute little 'Kelly' banners adorned the serving desks and net sashes and' Kelly' sign at the bar. Glammed up sweetie jars beside the dance floor filled with yummy goodies.

This amazing cake I cannot take credit for, was created to Kelly's design by Catherine of  Catherine's Cakes and it was YUMMY!

Kelly's 30 sucks lolly pop display was very popular!

No self respecting theme party would have ladies and gents bathrooms, we had Barbie's and Ken's rooms!
Kelly herself was responsible for the life size Barbie box, which was a massive hit with all the guests.

 A gorgeous little display of Kelly through her 30 years

This Amazing Pink chocolate fountain was provided by Annee of Chocolate Tickly Treats
and Cheese boards provided by the resort.

We all had an amazing night, I want to say thank you to H, Verity, Steve Claire and Katie for helping me set up all the decorations, and to Kelly for letting me help her with such a fun project.
Here are some pics of the night itself, H and I having our moment in the Box, Verity and Paul helping themselves to the fountain.

The Birthday girl in her Barbie box, Me and H looking gorgeous. Popular opinion says that I should always wear my glasses and that H needs to wear red lipstick everyday!
Myself, Fashion designer Barbie, My Husband Steve, Heavy Metal Ken, H, Vintage Barbie and Disco Barbie Katie!

Most importantly Kelly had a lovely evening surrounded by family and friends as she turned 30 in true Barbie style!
Living it, Loving it, Making it in Barbie Pink!
Sammy xxx

Live it: A really good, Good Friday

So for good Friday we decided to stay near to my neck of the woods and go to Notting Hill and check out Portobello Market.  Now I don't live there, but it just happens to be a walk away which is always a bonus.

There are so many films that use the market, but my favourite being Bedknobs and Broomsticks! so we half expected to find a magical bed knob that is able to take us to far away places! But alas, markets stalls and lovely little cafes were what we found, which is no hardship!

We wondered through the stalls of printing blocks, furniture and old books and of course stopped for a drink and cake with a friend before carrying on for the afternoon.  I think we were so in awe of so much that we didn't end up buying anything!  I did see a lovely little chest of drawers, that was blue of course.  But a lack of funds and space meant that I left it for someone else to enjoy.

We took the scenic route back to chez H and walked passed the lovely Victorian town house's which we wondered whether people co-ordinated their house colours to blend with each other!

Its amazing that an area that was once thought of the bad part of Kensington and Chelsea is now one of the most expensive places in the UK!  I think it's lovely that Portobello market still exists and can thrive in a place which is mainly thought of for people with deep pockets.  I wish we had more places like this as an area can only thrive through a mix of new and old, large and small businesses, so that an eclectic mix of people will come and enjoy.

We certainly enjoyed it and after a trip to GBK for a right nice burger we took ourselves to the cinema to relax and top the day off!

Live it

Live it: Wow what a weekend!

Just a quick Tuesday check in I am still buzzing from the weekends activities, here are a few of my Instagram pics to wet your appetite for some of the posts to come this week.


Live it 
Sammy xxx