Love it: A Very Colourful 30th

As H posted, last Saturday it was my Big 30, and we celebrated in style. Birthdays in my house have always been a shared experience, My Grandpa and my Mums birthday are either side of mine, by a day and when I met My husband Steve, we found that we had our Birthdays on the same day (his five years ahead of mine) 
I had planned a family dinner for Steve and I on the Saturday night at a local Restaurant /bar in Windsor, but I wanted to do something with my girls, after changing my mind several times I settled on an old school slumber party! complete with midnight feast, This also worked with my plans for my birthday cake.
Well we had such a lovely time, all my girls came over dressed in their finest PJ's and we spent the night watching girly films and catching up on gossip. 
then there was the feast... Heather had helped me to put on a Rainbow Buffet, which I must say looked awesome! and at the middle of it all was My six layered Rainbow cake, inspired by Pinterest of course! as were many of the ideas for my party. Pop over and check out my pins and you will see where many of these ideas came from!

After food, we set down to open presents.... OMG I am such a lucky girl, so many lovely thought full gifts. Heather had got all the girls together and bought me an Alexander McQueen bracelet, I was so overwhelmed, it is so gorgeous! and I will love it forever, because it will remind me of all of them! I also got some nail varnishes, all in shades of Purple, my fave, a cute little sewing bracelet and a cherry make up bag. I was so spoilt.

Here are some pics of the decorations and gifts from my lovely birthday weekend!

My six layer Rainbow cake made for me by Ann Jackson at Cakes Unlimited

 the table and my banner
Fruit Kebabs, these were so much fun to make!

 Steve and I's cake on Saturday
 My D.I.Y table centre
 Our thank you favours
My McQueen Bracelet.
 some of my gifts
some of my cards

I feel so loved by all my family and friends, I am a VERY lucky lady!!

Loving Birthdays!
Sammy xxx