Love it: My V&A Obsession

So to make a change, H decided to take herself down to the V&A this week, I think it is becoming an obsession more than I thought actually!

I took myself for a serious walk around the Jewellery gallery, which unfortunately you cannot take photos of and so you will just have to take my word for it that it is AMAZING!  Some of the detail that has been used through the years is brilliant, I am particularly in love with the Berlin Iron Jewellery from the early 19th Century. But then there were all the very sparkly jewellery from Russia and a man called Leopold Pfisterer, so pretty.

So I went for a wander around the Silver collection, when I saw some people taking some fashion photographs in the gallery, always fun to watch!  I saw a lovely set of three Silver Lions which are copies of the 17th Century original ones which were made to guard the royal throne at Rosenborg Castle in Denmark.

Then through the Silver Objects galleries, where I found these Beauties:

A modern Silver cast vase.
An ornate Silver Cup

I then went to see the Golden Spider Silk Cape, which I have seen before, But its so amazing that these tiny spiders can make something so big and so beautiful.  I know there are many people out there who hate spiders, but there is something about how beautiful the spiders themselves are and what they can do to make you appreciate them that little bit more.

The Golden Spider Silk Cape

A close up of the cape

The Original Drawing for the Cape

So, that's it for another visit to the V&A, although I am sure I will be back soon and tell you all about it.  I am looking forward to the British Design Exhibition which opens at the end of this month, the Ballgowns Exhibition which opens in mid May, the Thomas Heatherwick Exhibition (it does help his name has my name in it!) which opens at the end of May and last but definitely not least, I am looking forward to the Hollywood Costume Exhibition which opens in October!  Phew, lots of do!

Love it