Live it: Stitch and Craft with Mr X stitch

Last week H and I popped down to the Stitch and craft show at Olympia. H was there last year work-shopping with the Foundling museum, and I was there to shop, but we both had a chance to be visitors this year... and we had a date with Mr X Stitch, Jamie Chalmers!

We walked the short distance from H's place in The Bush to Olimpia and on the way passed one of the posters commissioned to commemorate Olympias 125th anniversary buy one of my favourite artists right now, the amazingly talented Rob Ryan.

We started on the top floor and were greeted by over 500 quilts made for the Olympic teams PLUS quilted pennants made for each Olympic athlete! This bunting tribute named Flying High by Owl quilters and  this beautiful heart offering were my favourites.

Then there was the Knitted Village, Knitted by members of the public, Stitch and Craft had such success that they have extended the competition and will have an even bigger 'Village' on display at The Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Plaice in the Autumn, get on over to Twisted Threads page and see how you can make an addition to 'Knit the Nation'!

This is H resting her tired feet in what I was told a super comfy chair in the Mollie Makes luxury patchwork yurt! So comfy it very almost came home with us!

These are some pics of the Yurt from Mollie Makes
P.s. check out their blog for great projects and lots of other fun crafty stuff!

We thought it would be rude not to come home with some Linden Lady coconut ice....all I can say is it didn't make it home.
After a bit of paper craft and ribbon buying (seriously you think I would have enough) we headed down stairs for our date with Mr X Stitch. Jamie Had a great collection of not only his own work but lots of pieces from other Cross stitch and embroidery artist, all trying to push the boundaries of yarn crafts. One of my (a bit twisted) favs was  Theo Humphries  who takes ordinary run of the mill tapestries and gives them an often gruesome edge.

This one 'Kanye' from the 'Big Cats in Shades' collection a particular highlight.

He told us he is also exhibiting with some of these great artists at The Knitting and Stitching show In October, as if we needed another reason to go, right!
Jamie was kind enough to sign a copy of the book he curated 'Push Stitchery' for us too!
Oh and we also shared chocolate hobnobs whilst he ate artichoke , Thanks Jamie it was a pleasure.
I will suggest that you all run to Jamie's shop and buy your copy now!! 

We had a great day, topped off by a trip to Paperchase at Westfield on the way home. 

Living it. Loving it. Making it.
Sammy and H xxx

Apologies for My post being a bit on the late side this week, sooo much exciting stuff going on here at Li.Li.Mi Maidenhead HQ this week, can't wait to fill you all in!!