Live it: Shooting a Portas Pilot Video

So I mentioned that the town I live and work in, Maidenhead, is bidding to become a Mary Portas    Pilot town, well as part of the bid, they wanted a video, so on Wednesday, Marie from Art on the Street and Steph James, our town manager, called a group of crafty ladies together in our high street and we shot a video... well I stood around and took pictures while the very talented Mac & his daughter Carly Kenny shot a video.

 Marie looking nervous waiting the arrival of the camera crew

My Lovely friend Denise brought along some of her latest art work to show me, she used some of the fabric yoyo's I showed her how to make at the Pop up shop, in her new pieces. They are so cute!
I love it when what we do can inspire people.

We all grouped together to shoot the opening lines 'Living it, Loving it, Making it...Maidenhead' ...sound familiar....???

Marie seemed to be happy, despite spending most of the shoot crouched behind the Enjoy Maidenhead banner to stop it falling over.

 Each of us took a turn to explain to camera why we wanted our town to be chosen.

 Then it was my turn....

I (Sam) was born in Maidenhead, grew up here and after collage came back here to live my life, I can't ever see myself leaving, I Love this town.
Maidenheads Bid is about more than money, we want our community back. We are Lucky to have lots and lots of talent in our town, we believe by using that it will bring people back to our town centre.
Mary Portas herself has been championing British industry of late, we want to be a town that manufactures, we are a town that manufactures, look at all the amazing talent already on display at the Craft Coop events! The chance to be a Portas town would mean that any innovations that work for our town can be used as initiatives in other failing high streets, all over the country. Maidenhead has what it takes to be a High Street shining star with or with out Mary Portas, I cant wait to see what the future holds for my little town.

Living it, Loving it, Making it.
Sammy xxx

and here it is in all its YouTube glory.