Live it: Happy 30th Birthday Sammy

It's Sammy's birthday today and it's a biggy, the big 3-0!

Last night we had a slumber party at her house where we had lots of party treats and cake, which I am sure there will be a post about soon. I just don't do it justice enough with that sentence!

We met 14 years ago and pretty much been best friends ever since!

We first met at college where we studied 3D Design together. I had the fortune to sit next to 3 girls called Sam and I'm proud to say I have 2 of them still in my life!

We have been through some good, very good and some dark times together and without getting too mushy, if it wasn't for her I would't be who I am today!

So, I want you all to help me wish her a very happy 30th! And look out for the pictures! My sugar coma is starting to wear off now and so I think I need some more cake!

Live it!