Love it: The Great Egg Hunt

I'm sure it has not escaped the notice of those people who either live or work in London about the Eggs that have been appearing everywhere!  They are part of the Faberge Easter Egg hunt which has over 200 eggs all over London for you to find!

You can read more about it a the official web site but this is the but there is a great competition attached to the hunt...

'With hard work comes reward, and for one lucky winner this will be The Diamond Jubilee Egg valued at over £100,000! The grand prize is open to all. All you need to do is text. Each egg has a unique keyword at its location. Simply text this word to enter. Each egg is worth one entry, so the more eggs you find, the more chance you have of winning! Find a dozen or find them all – it depends on how hard you want to win!
Text entries are open from Tuesday 21st February until Tuesday 3rd April. The winner will be chosen at random.'

All of the Eggs have been decorated by different artists and designers and placed around London.  I am luck enough to have an extended family member who's egg is number 165! How great is that!  I just have to find it now!

On my wander around Southbank last week I found these two beauties!

So that's numbers 26 and 130 ticked off, I think I am going to keep my eyes peeled for a few more.

Love it