Love it: The Curiosity Project H's Box

The Box had a fun picture to help me choose what to do!
Last Christmas me and Sam both entered the Curiousity project which involved us giving and receiving a box of treats from someone we didn't know.  So me and Sam sent ours off and then it was the waiting game to get one back and to see the one we posted up on the site when it was received!

Here is the one that Sam sent out   /   Here is the one that H sent out

Sam got her box of treats and showed you all on the blogpost here

But mine was too late for the blog to put up as the deadline was early January.  But after speaking with my post-er I got a lovely package last week which did indeed have lots of treats in store!

Some Lino blocks to carve my own and I got some ready carved ones too

They had taken some photos of their local area and put them in some great frames

And then I get to use my lino carvings on some cards to send out, who gets to be lucky!

And right at the end a little note to finish it off!
The sender had sent some lovely things and I will use them with pride.  Its a fun project to get involved in and exciting to see what you get.  I think some people put more effort in than others, but that's the way of these things isn't it.  I was very pleased with my box anyway!

Love it