Make it: Mothers Day Workshop

Mother Day Workshop

So this Sunday (that's the 11th, so you don't forget!) we are going to be doing a drop-in workshop down at the Craft Coop's Mother's Day Pop-up shop in the Nicholson's Centre in Maidenhead.

For further information on the Craft coop, check out our who's who post from February or check out their website.

So, what are we going to do?
Well, we will be making Mother's Day Corsages with all manner of fabrics, ribbons, buttons, beads and imagination for you to use.  Along with helping you with your Creative Wrapping of your mother's day gifts, which I am sure you will be able to buy plenty of at the Pop-up shop.  We will be helping you learn how to make your presents extra special for that lovely woman in your life - your Mum!

H has done many a workshop and this will be Sammy's first, so be gentle, but I am sure it will be all fun had by all!

Children and adults are welcome to come and make corsages or wrap their presents and all we ask for in return is £1 for a corsage and £1.50 for gift wrapping.  Oh yes and we may take some photos for our lovely Blog, so get those big grins out!

So please do pop on by, we will be there from 11am thru to 5pm at the old Waterstones shop in the Nicholson's centre. That's this Sunday, 11th March.

Live it. Love it. Make it
H and Sammy