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So its been a busy week this week for us at Live it. Love it. Make it HQ!  With Sam checking out the Valentine's Pop up shop in Maidenhead and H doing a few days Study to take on a TEFL course - Teaching English as a Foreign Language - with TEFL England.

On Monday, I took myself down to the Holiday Inn in Mayfair - It was nice to walk the streets of such a lovely area.  It was 3 days of intensive Classroom training to give you skills and knowledge in speaking in front of people and practising Lesson plans.  It also gave me an update of my English skills!  Being a native English speaker, I mainly rely on the fact that I know the words and I don't remember as far back as Primary school to help with how I learnt it in the first place! well who does!

I met some lovely people, a real mix of cultures and stories of why they were doing the course and what they wanted to do.  One couple had just packed up their home and were just about to move over to Cambodia next Wednesday!  Yep, that's right, next week!  What an adventure.  Some people planned to work in English language schools here in Britain and others wanted to use it to do some travelling, a bit like me.

We had some great help from a little teddy bear we aptly named Teddy, to help us show each other what we meant using actions, rather than words all the time.  You don't have to speak the language of that country to work there and I think that really helps to open up the opportunities.  I think most people would want to learn the language while they were there though at least!

The great thing about the opportunities available as a English teacher abroad is that you can teach all levels, from beginners right through to advanced, although I think the beginners might be a good place to start for me to build up my confidence!  One of the things our teacher told us was to get over feeling like a fraud when it comes to teaching.  The best thing to do is to immerse yourself in it and the culture you are living in!

So next for me is the Online part of the course, which helps me to use all that I have learnt for some writing skills and show that I have taken it all in!  I think I might let it all sink in for a few days and then start that part.  I have up to six months to take the Online part, but I think getting it done while it is fresh in your mind is probably better!

But today, is something new, I thought I should use my creative side of the brain tonight, so have booked on a Knitting Loom course with Tea and Crafting!  I shall tell you all about that tomorrow!

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