Live it: A day at the V&A

Last week I found myself taking a wander down to my favourite Museum for the day, the V&A in London where I saw they have a new sculpture in the entrance.  Although I did not get who it was by, and so if anyone knows, please do let me know!

Along with checking out the Annie Lennox exhibition, with a brilliant soundtrack to keep you humming the tunes for the rest of the day; I took a look around some of the galleries I haven't seen in a while, including the jewellery collection and architecture gallery, where I saw this model of the South Kensington redevelopment, so I thought an arty shot of inside the model was in order!

I also, had a look around the Performance Gallery in which I saw they had some of the amazing masks from the Lion King show, which if you haven't been yet, is well worth a visit!

I had a lovely day wandering around the halls and getting a bit of inspiration, which it is all about isn't it! Where is your favourite place to go and be inspired? 

Live it