Love it: Catalogue Cover Art

I am a big fan of East of India, I love their whole catalogue. We Sell some of their products in my shop Sew Crafty. We got their Mothers day catalogue in the post today and besides the divine goodies in the catalogue itself, I am Loving the cover art! How Pretty <3

Hope you are all enjoying the Last Monday of January
Sammy xxx

Love it: Gadget Gloves

So while searching around on the i web recently I saw this little tutorial on how to make your gloves into those special gloves that you can still use your phone!  A very good idea for this cold weather!

What  cute blog too, I am LOVING the pigeon!

Love it

Love it: H and Bailey

A little peak at a post to follow this weekend. The Lovely H with my cat Bailey over the Christmas break, they have always had a thing for each other as you can see.

Loving it!
Sammy xxx

Live it: A day at the V&A

Last week I found myself taking a wander down to my favourite Museum for the day, the V&A in London where I saw they have a new sculpture in the entrance.  Although I did not get who it was by, and so if anyone knows, please do let me know!

Along with checking out the Annie Lennox exhibition, with a brilliant soundtrack to keep you humming the tunes for the rest of the day; I took a look around some of the galleries I haven't seen in a while, including the jewellery collection and architecture gallery, where I saw this model of the South Kensington redevelopment, so I thought an arty shot of inside the model was in order!

I also, had a look around the Performance Gallery in which I saw they had some of the amazing masks from the Lion King show, which if you haven't been yet, is well worth a visit!

I had a lovely day wandering around the halls and getting a bit of inspiration, which it is all about isn't it! Where is your favourite place to go and be inspired? 

Live it

Make it: Customise an Old Bag

Looking around at all the cross body Satchel style bags I saw this season, I was reminded of a shoulder bag I had once bought from M&S of all places! I thought it would be perfect for brightening up those January blues, but the shoulder strap just won't work for this look I was going for and so I went about re-working it for my needs, with the help of an old belt.

I took off the original shoulder strap and removed the buckle from the belt and simply knotted it around where I had removed the original strap.  It's now my favourite bag and worked out to be free!  What more could you ask for.

I hope it gives you a little inspiration to think again about some of the things you have in the back of your wardrobe that could be given a new lease of live with a simple up date.

Make it

Make it: Felt Camera Case

This year I was trying to make quite a few presents in an effort to be more crafty!

So I thought I would tell you how I made this camera case, I know its a bit late for Christmas but it would make a great gift any time of the year.  It is just like the ones I have seen in the shops this year, so that if anyone you know is a camera buff, you can make one too!  If you do, we would love to see them, so please send us a picture and we can get it up on the blog!

So, to start with, I blanket stitched two strips of felt together (around A4 in length) to make the main part of the case.  I then fabric glued a different colour strip of felt onto the back to make it stiffer, so that it protects the camera.  I cut out the circle and rectangle shapes and chose some buttons and then got to work on sewing around the circles and then stitching the button through to make the lens and stitching around the rectangle to make the window.  Then to sew on the buttons for the top button and flash button.  Nearly there!!

I cut out two strips of the spotty felt, around the length of the camera and cut one end into a curve, so that when I sewed the edges - with the blanket stitch again - I had a curve to follow.  This then leaves a little of the felt to make into a flap to keep everything in the case, so I stitched a piece of velcro onto the flap and it was done!

It looks as good as the shop bought ones and slightly more bespoke due to the colours used that my friend would like. I got a message on Christmas Day that she loved it and it was better than the ones in the shop!  I think its a job well done.

dont forget to let us know if you make one too!

Make it