Love it: Hammersmith Vintage Fair

Today I decided to hot foot it down to Hammersmith Town Hall for the regular Vintage Fashion and antiques fair that turns up once a month.  Now as I used to work here you would think I have been many times before, but this was the first official visit!

What I found was a hall stacked full of fashion, accessories and textiles, which was my paradise!  I even managed to keep finding stalls in smaller rooms, it just kept coming!  To look for future dates and places check out P and A Fairs Website

I found myself wandering around and wanting so much!  which is always a problem.  But many stallholders had a bug bear of mine, no prices!  I know its nice to haggle, but I really do like to have a bit of a ball park figure when looking at stuff!  Anyway, I did come away with a few items and chatted with some stall holders.  My favourite thing was seeing a couple in complete 1940's outfits wandering around.  It made my jeans and jumper look very very boring!

Have a little look at what I bought.............

A Wool Purse!  My favourite thing, Love it!!!!

A new Pendant, I think I will wear it for my first day at a new job tomorrow!
And some new buttons for my collection!!

Loving It!!!