Live it: Anniversary weekend in Brighton

So here it is, a bit later than planned, my mammoth Brighton post. My hubby and I had such a lovely weekend away for our anniversary, wish we could be there every weekend. Anyway I will let the pictures do the talking.... Enjoy!

We arrived mid afternoon and headed straight out for late lunch at Rock and Roller.

When Steve popped back to the hotel for a nap, I headed straight to the south Lanes to pick up some cakes from my fave bakery... on my way I got sucked in to a gorgeous shop 'Pretty Eccentric' and of course made a purchase... a divine crystal skull ring.

I managed to drag my self away from the pretty shop interior and pop over to Angel food Bakery, where I picked up four beautiful cupcakes for Steve and I to have for tea later on. I also picked up workshop leaflet for their new 'Angel food kitchen' located a stones throw from their shop in the lanes. I think we are going to do a class for my birthday weekend, Yay!

For Dinner we headed out to KOBA, totally would recommend, Chocolate brownie was to die for!

The next day we walked through the Lanes, on our way to the Pier, and stopped by a few of my faves and in to the lanes Armoury for Steve.

Fizziwigg's sweet shop 

 Me and Hubby on the Pier

So by lunch time we were Starving and just round the corner from Steve's reason for coming to Brighton, JB's Diner.
 Dark Rum and Brownie Milkshake.... outstandingly yummy!
 Foot long hot dog with Chili

On our way back we stumbled upon  Hardy's sweetshop, there are a few around the country, we have one in Windsor apparently, which I will be visiting now I know. An old fashioned sweet shop with all the trimmings. the also sell the holy grail for Steve and I .... American candy! so we stocked up on some of our faves and some new goodies, including Peanut butter Twix and coconut M&M's.

We also swung by on of My Brighton Highlights, Choccywoccydoodah, Yes that is it's name isn't it epic, makers of Cake and Chocolaty goodies of amazing proportions. Their window display was as usual teaming with people wanting to look in at the amazing chocolate creations.

Later on we wondered in to the North Lanes, I had a fabric shop to visit and Steve wanted a mask for a Party the following weekend.
We strolled through the streets and I stopped for a quick look in Alice Dreams, which had moved since I was here last, not a surprise to me, as it is a shop full of gorgeous goodies!

Steve managed to find the mask he was after.... I didn't like it
And I got to Ditto Fabrics, and managed to find some lovely goodies to bring home too! they have a great web site, but I do love buying fabrics when I can feel what they are like. The Elephant fabric is my new fave.

So that was our weekend, we had a lovely Anniversary, I am A lucky Girl.

Where are your favourite places in Brighton? Let us know in the comments below so we can visit next time.

Live it.
Sammy xxx