Live it: H's New Beginning

Big news in My world has been that I have quit my day job and am going to start being creative again.  I decided that after 6 years working in events, my role had become less creative and so I am going back to my roots and back to the arts and crafts!

So, to kick start this new phase, I am undertaking an Internship at The Make Lounge in Islington.  The main emphasis for them is the workshops they do.  The integral point is that they are 1 or 2 evening classes that don't need you to commit to a 10 week course like other craft courses.  You can undertake many different types of craft, including; crochet, cupcake decorating, skin care products and dressmaking, amongst others.

But back to what I am up to.  I have been there over a week now and I will be working with them until the end of the month, so I have plenty of opportunities to learn and find out more information about how a craft business works.

I have been helping with the preparation for workshops, marking up dress patterns, making sure equipment is set-up and today I started working with the flash till they have for the shop.  There are plenty of craft materials to buy in the shop, mostly to do with the workshops they have on offer, but also a huge amount of books to have a look at and get inspiration.

I can already feel my creative mind working overtime and my notebook has become scrawls of ideas and notes that I can use for my own work.  I also have my eye on a few things to help me, with the speedy carve to help with making prints and fabrics to use for, well just about everything. Wish me luck!

Live it