Live it: London in the October Sun

So what a lovely weekend we just had!  Just to confuse us all that little bit more, the hot weather comes back to us for October!!!!!

It did however present itself with an opportunity to meet up with a friend for a lazy afternoon and visit a new haberdashery shop at the same time - good times!

So, firstly to the shop.  Its called Ray Stitch and its in Islington, London (which is managing to become a bit of a hub for these places).  It is a haberdashery shop and cafe and they also do classes too.  I popped myself in and had a little nosey around the shelves.  Lots of Print fabrics, including Japanese quirky prints and a few ribbons and buttons.  You can also pick yourself up a coffee and some cake after all those creative juices get the better of you and you feel like you need a sit down!

Its well worth a visit when your next in the area.  Some of the items are a little pricey, but as the website says, you can mix and match with what you already have and that's the beauty of a place like this, its all about picking up little bits to add to your ideas!

Next on the list was to meet up with my friend, handily in a pub garden, and it was an opportunity to give her the scrapbook I had made for her.  She has just been to New York for a few months and I wanted to give her something that she would be able to put her ticket stubs, photographs and other memorabilia in.

It started life as a plain sketchbook from Paperchase and then with a little glue, fabric and ribbon, it became a scrapbook that she could put everything in that was original to her.  Some fabric she liked, a few photographs handily stolen from her Facebook pages and some New York buttons found in a shop called 'All the fun of the fair' off Carnaby Street, London.

Then, there was a chance to relax and unwind on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and let the day descend into night, where I think this post should end!

Live it